Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Week of School

I cannot believe how FAST this school year has flown by! This last week is bittersweet. The kids are very excited for all of the activities going on at school, but we sure are going to miss our favorite teacher, Mrs. Fleming. Emma has had a wonderful school year, and I owe it to her teacher, Mrs. Fleming. This is going to be her last year too, as she is retiring. I have never had a teacher quite like her. She really is unbelievable. She has called our home at least a dozen times just wanting to "check in" and see how things are going. She will be dearly missed!

Last week I subbed in the library all week as 2 of the library staff were to Hawaii and one to Ireland! Maybe if I keep helping out like this, I will get to go on an amazing vacation like that! It certainly helps add to the stash we have been saving to go to Disneyworld! We've almost saved up half of our total goal!

Our summer days are looking busy already. The kids (and maybe even me) will be attending Camp Edventure from 8a-12n. I will possibly be working in the library for Camp Ed. Not sure of all the details on that yet. Gage has baseball and taekwondo and Emma will be busy with t-ball. They both are signed up for Girl Scout and Cub Scout camps as well. We will be traveling to Iowa over the 4th and then my sister, Kim, and her husband, J.L., will be coming to visit us here in North Dakota the week of July 12! I am very excited about that! This will be their first trip to North Dakota. We plan to take them to Medora where they will golf Bully Pulpit and then we will attend the Pitchfork Fondue and Medora Musical. We are VERY excited!

My goal is to get better at blogging. I want to set aside time each day to get back in the habit.