Saturday, October 2, 2010


I haven't posted on here in quite awhile. I'm wanting to use this posting as a venting session, but it probably isn't appropriate. Instead, maybe I'll just type and see where it leads.

There has been alot of worry going on in my life these days. Scott has asked me not to post it on facebook, so I haven't. I haven't decided if I should post it on here or not. We'll see where it leads.

Scott and Gage are camping this weekend at Eagles Park, north of Bismarck. It is called Webelos Woods and it is basically a fun thing to get the Cub Scouts at the Webelos level to start thinking about wanting to join Boy Scouts. Of course, I don't know if Gage will be able to continue on into Boy Scouts or not. seems that just about every topic I have come up with so far is leading me to where it probably shouldn't! It will be a chilly night in the tent, so I hope Gage will stay warm in Scott's super warm sleeping bag!

This is Emma's and my 2nd Girl's Weekend in a row. We attended a Girl Scout event last Saturday called "Girls Rock the Park". This was our third year of attending. It is the same every year and I would say it's a bit boring after 3 years. They need to change it up a bit and get new girls interested in joining Girl Scouts.

We have been working on our basement, trying to get it finished up. We started finishing it off in August. We are getting close to the end. We ordered carpet to be installed this next week. I've been staining woodwork getting ready for the finishing details. This morning I discovered a bit of a problem in one of the new doors we bought. The cat door was cut into the wrong end. I don't think Grus can jump high enough to use it? Frustrating stuff! I should probably get back to some of that work!

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