Thursday, June 17, 2010


It was a rainy/dreary morning this morning. My favorite kind. I don't know why I like those kind of days, but I do. After the kids headed off for Camp Ed, I decided to watch one of the Netflix movies I have (not that I don't have anything productive to do)! Fireproof is the name of the movie. It was a very good show. I made a trip to Barnes & Noble to get The Love Dare book that is highlighted in the movie. I'm excited about it.

Tonight is a busy night for the Stephens' family. Emma has baseball at 5:45, Gage has Taekwondo at 7 and baseball at 7:30. The unfortunate thing, for Scott, that is, is that I have to attend a Girl Scout Camp Leader Training Meeting in Mandan tonight at 7, so he will be pretty much on his own in getting the kids to and from their activities. Both of the kids have Scout Day Camps next week, so it will be a busy week as well.

We're having a quiet afternoon. Yesterday the kids had a couple of friends over to play and I'm thankful for the quiet time today. Gage is reading (surprise, surprise) and Emma is glued to the television (surprise, surprise!). I am going to finish this post up and go read myself. I have been reading alot, when I get the chance, and have had some really good books. "At First Sight" by Nicholas Sparks is calling my name right now!

Have a good day!

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