Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Going on Holiday to Florida - March 23, 2011

The big day that we have been saving for, for over a year, is FINALLY here! YEAH!!! We are headed to Florida for our first ever, family vacation! The alarm clock was set for 3:15am. YIKES! Short night for all, but amazingly enough I was ready and awake by 3:30! The kids were easy to wake and were bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for our big adventure! Emma is all smiles and ready to go! We had called a cab to come from Winnipeg to pick us up at 4am so we could be at the airport on time. Because it's an international flight, we were supposed to be there early.
Two excited kiddos who are ready for some warmer weather! I didn't want to pack too much stuff that we wouldn't need, so lighter jackets with their down vests were perfect. Keens were the shoes of choice.

The excitement is a little less at this point. The cab is late, Scott is pacing and the kids have lost their zeal.

Waiting for our flight at the airport in Winnipeg. Hurry up and wait was the theme for the day!

Time to board!! The kids were so excited. This is Gage's 2nd time to fly, but the first for him to remember. This is Emma's first time ever to board a big plane.

All smiles as we wait for the plane to fill up with passengers. Emma already has her travel journal out and is writing down each thought in her mind.

Gage is all smiles as we wait for more passengers to board. He can hardly contain all of his excitement!

She had such a cute journal entry that I wanted to share it. "We are at the airport I got a fruitcup at the deli! No body smiles just lik the border. Now we are in the plain. I am so EXITED!! We have not taken off yet but do you now how exiting this is! I think we are going to take of any second now!!! Its going to be so exiteding!!!!! I got the window seat! the captan was just talking to us he said no elektronecs! We are going to take off in like 1 min. I'm panicing its so cool!! We are so high in the sky cars look like not evan a ant smaller I though it would be scary but its not my ears are poping like crasy! and peices of land look like a picher make of squares It is so cool we are so high up in the air. I can't evan see the cars they are so tiny the drink cart is coming please stand by..............We are landing in 10, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and 0 this is fast!! The captan is going to chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat chat We are heading to Disney And its a little past lunch time so we might get to go to look for seashells! I just notest that there is a T.V. in the plane Amasing!!!!!"

We luckily were able to get 4 seats together in the plane and didn't have to ask people to switch with us.

We've arrived at Minneapolis/St. Paul airport! YEAH! One leg of the trip behind us!

The kids were excited to get to ride in the tram to get to the other gate.

It's snowing pretty good in Minnesota! Hopefully we won't have any delays!

Minnesota black bear is great for hugging! ;-)

We had some arguing going on over seating assignments this leg. We were all four in aisle seats right together. After doing some trading around, Emma, Gage and Scott ended up in a row of seats together and I was the lucky one to get a nice, quiet and peaceful leg into Memphis! I bought a book called "Heaven is for Real" so I was excited to get some uninterrupted time to read!

We arrived in Orlando around supper time. We got a rental car and were able to choose the one we wanted. Scott picked out a Ford Fusion. Emma was excited that she had a window that actually rolls down!

It's sunny here in Florida! YEAH!! We are headed for Cocoa Beach for our first night in Florida. We are staying at Quality Suites, a block from the beach!


Kara said...

So exciting....I can feel it! Did you get their first flight certificates and wings? I did for each of the girls but they were just babies so not as exciting. So happy you had a great time...now to start planning next year's vacation, eh? :)

Stacy said...

Gage got his first flight certificate when he was a baby, but I didn't think to ask for Emma. BAD MOM!! We have already started putting money in the jug for our next "holiday" as Canadians say. Haven't decided yet where we should go though. Emma votes for Hoboken, NJ so she can meet Buddy, the Cake Boss, from Carlo's Bakery. LOL!