Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I am anal about my checkbook. Only one other time in my life was I not able to get it to balance to the penny. Last month, was the second time I couldn't get it to balance to the penny. I didn't give up trying to get it to balance, I just stopped trying. I thought I had figured it out, in my head, so I really didn't think I wanted to waste my time in attempting to balance it again. I figured I would just wait until next month, when we have alot less transactions taking place, which would make it easier. Well, that time is NOW and I still can't get the stupid thing to balance and it is DRIVING ME INSANE! I just can't figure it out. It's off by $43.13. Many people would just forget about it and write in whatever amount the bank says they have. NOT ME! Why can't I just be like normal people sometimes? I'm sure it is something stupid, but I will continue to work on this and figure it out..........eventually. Part of the problem is that the checkbook is shared with my beloved husband, who really doesn't know how to do it. Before we started sharing a checking account, he would balance his account by going through the ATM and printing out a balance slip, never taking into account what might be outstanding. He had alot of overdrafts during that time period and I told him I would not share an account with him until he learned how to take care of a checking account properly. Well, I don't really think he ever did learn, I just took it over. Every once in awhile he'll add his two cents worth, then I threaten to quit managing our money and hand it over to him. I'm not sure I could ever really do that. It would absolutely drive me nuts to not know what we really have in our accounts. And I know that if I turned it over, it would get to that point. Scott knows it too, which is why he never volunteers to do it. My Dad is the one who taught me about money management. I remember him always telling me to never get a credit card, because they are bad news. He always said to never join those book clubs or CD clubs, because they will just send things to you even if you don't want them, and then you have to pay for them. Well, I learned that that isn't entirely true. Credit cards are actually GOOD things to have, because you need them in order to establish credit. They become bad when you use them irresponsibly. I have always been a responsible credit card holder. Only one time in my life did I carry a balance on a credit card, and that is because I was in transition between jobs when we moved to Memphis and it took a little while to get back on my feet. And, when I got back on my feet, I paid each card off as I could manage. I also learned that those book clubs and CD clubs don't actually send you stuff without you knowing. I just learned that you need to watch your mail closely and be sure to check in the proper places in order to prevent an item being sent. I did learn, that you don't want to be in them because eventually you are spending money that you wouldn't normally spend on things you wouldn't normally buy. So, I stopped doing those. I also learned, from my Dad, to balance your checkbook every month, and by following example, I will work and work on it until I find my mistake. Thanks Dad!!!! ;-)
I always thought that maybe I should have become an accountant, because I like managing money. I know now, that I probably wouldn't make a good accountant, because if I get stuck on something. like trying to make my checkbook balance to the penny, I will get nothing done until I get it figured out. A good accountant would just figure out how to make it right and then go on to the next project. Not me.

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