Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Great North is COLD!

Wow! It's cold! -27F with -50F windchills is a little much I think! Apparently it's a little much for everyone, as school was cancelled today, because of the windchill. We only had 1 or 2 snow days in Bismarck in our time there, which were last year. When I was a kid, I LOVED snow days. Now, not so much. ;-)

The kids have enjoyed their "snow day." We have a fort behind the chair in the living room, equipped with a security camera. I told Gage he should probably turn the video off on his camera, or he would most certainly drain them. I really don't think a security camera was necessary, unless that was there to deter Brie from entering. Apparently she's "gassy" today. Or at least that is what I've been told about 3 times. However, I do know that to be true, as I went downstairs and got a whiff of the wonderful aroma. UGH! We have had problems keeping her out of the basement and out of the cat food and more importantly the cat BOX! YUCKO!

In Bismarck, we kept that cat food on top of the refrigerator so Brie couldn't get into it. We didn't want to really encourage Grus to be on the countertops here, so figured we would try it in the basement. It isn't easy trying to keep it open for the cat, but closed off to the dog. I didn't really want to cut a cat door into the door at the top of the basement stairs because they are nice, solid doors. We decided to just take the door off the hinges so Grus wouldn't accidentally get shut in or out of the basement. Well, Brie has been finding her way to the basement, and today, we are suffering because of it. Enough about dog farts! Who wants to read about farting, cat-poop-eating dogs??

Let me get started on a different subject.

A year and a half ago, we started saving money for a trip to Disney World. You may remember this, as I blogged about it http://behindthetimes-stacy.blogspot.com/2009/08/up.html. We finally made our savings goal and Scott has booked plane tickets for us to go in MARCH 2011! How exciting!! (and stressful!) After booking the tickets, we have been looking at many different options for activities. This is going to be our "trip of a lifetime", and because I know I will probably never get to go again, I want to do it all! HA! To do it all is going to cost WAY MORE than we saved! :( One of the top things on our list is to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which is at Universal Studios' Island of Adventures. I know this is pathetic, but I really didn't know all of these different attractions weren't actually "Disney World"! I thought it was all together. I'm learning, in a hurry, that this isn't the case. Disney World contains 4 theme parks, Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Universal Studios is a whole different thing, which means a whole new set of tickets, which means we need a whole lot more moolah! If I had looked at this stuff BEFORE we booked the tickets, I think I would have put it off for awhile so we could save more money. However, I think it could be true that a person never actually has enough. You can find more and more things to do to spend more and more money. It's probably good that we know what our limit is. The bad thing is that it will more than likely be spent BEFORE we even get there, on plane tickets, hotel reservations, etc, etc. However, we are all very excited. We've never taken a real family vacation before. Gage and Emma think Clearfield, Iowa is a vacation destination. We did go to Colorado a couple of years ago, but that didn't really count because it was a business trip of Scott's, that we just tagged along on. That is the closest thing we've had to a real vacation, so we are quite excited about this. Planning a vacation of this magnitude is also very stressful! Thankfully, an old high school friend of mine read my plea for help on FB, and has offered her assistance! I had no idea she was a travel agent! She will most certainly be a lifesaver in this endeavor!


Shannon said...

Cute on the kids making a fort with a security camera!! That would be Gage! You will have a blast on your Disney trip. I am betting also that it will not be your last "trip of a lifetime!" You guys are an amazing family for working together to make this dream come true. What great parents you are!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the trip, I will live the dream of going through you. lol. I am in need of a travel agent, is this old high school friend someone I know?

Stacy said...

I'm not sure who the anonymous comment was made by to be able to tell you if you would know the person.

Betty said...

Stacey, you will love the trip. Your kids are at a good age to enjoy it all and it's more fun for parents to see it through their eyes. AS far as Harry Potter. Bailey and I were disappointed. It's so SMALL. The stores had lines to get into. The ride was neat...45 min wait and most of that outside not in the castle where there are things to see. We didn't even get into the want choosing store, 1.5 hour wait in the sun. We talked to some people who just came out and asked if the wait was worth it. They didn't say yes. Someone else said the kids enjoyed it. Universal could have done a lot better job IMHO. Epcot and Animal kingdom were our favorites. Disney studio was our least (we've been there 8 times). You will have a blast...bring an extra suitcase, you'll need it!! Oh and some of the things we bought were cheaper there then on-line! Like some perfume at Epcot's Norway pavilion was $20 cheaper than on-line anyplace.
Miss you guys.