Sunday, January 23, 2011


Yesterday my neighbor invited me to go with her to Winnipeg to Costco. I jumped at the opportunity. It was a fun outing. I think I like Costco better than Sam's Club? I don't know if it was because they had a better selection, or if it was because, with having to make the kids' lunches for school everyday, there were more bulk items that I needed? A membership is required at Costco, which we don't have yet. Liz said we could put it on her card if necessary and then I could pay her back. As we were headed to the checkout, I asked her if she was sure she could do that, as both of our carts were nearly overflowing. When she got to the checkout, she asked the lady if we could scan separately and she let us! Even though they aren't supposed to do that. I was glad about that.......and I'm sure Liz was too! My best find there was in the produce section. They had a package of pomegranate arils! WHAT?!?!?!?! You mean I can enjoy a pomegranate and not have to spend an hour digging it all apart? SCORE! AND, it was only $6.99! There were at least 2 pomegranates in the package and sometimes they can cost up to $2-3 each. Having them already removed from the rhine and membrane is totally worth the extra couple dollars. TOTALLY!
Liz was born and raised in Winnipeg, so she was great to go with. She was telling me all she could. Unfortunately I know I didn't absorb it all, but I did learn that we haven't been shopping in the best area of Winnipeg. We will be learning the new area the next time we go. In fact the different stores in this area of Winnipeg have me very excited about my next visit. ;-) I think I also found myself a softball team to play on this spring! Liz coordinates the Friday softball league! SCORE! Now if I can just get volleyball on the agenda!
Gage and Emma were dying to go to Laser Jungle last night to play some laser tag. We finally were able to go after supper, but found out that you have to call ahead. We tried calling ahead, but each time Gage called, the line was busy. We just assumed it was because it was off the hook or something like that. No, it was always busy because other people were calling in to book a time slot. Apparently the weekends are always full, so you must call ahead of time. We'll be doing that the next time. There are people who drive here from Winnipeg to play! (It's not that far from Winnipeg, but because of all the activities that Winnipeg has to offer, that must mean Laser Jungle "kicks ass". Or at least that's what neighbor Liz says. ;-) Since we weren't able to stay and play, we rented some movies from there instead. We got Ramona & Beezus, Cats and Dogs and The Book of Eli. Ramona and Beezus was so cute. We all enjoyed it. However, I wasn't expecting that I would cry TWICE during the movie.
The Book of Eli was very thought provoking. I feel like I need to watch it again to see what I missed.
Cats and Dogs is the movie for Sunday morning. The kids are already down there watching it, so I need to go make them start it over.
As for Sunday, we haven't found a church yet. We went to the Knox Presbyterian church 2 Sundays ago. It was very small. Like 12 people or so there. There were only 2 kids, who were the Pastor's sons. They are a little older than Gage, but I figure if the kids don't both have other kids there that they can get to know, it will be a fight every Sunday morning. We will be checking out some more churches. We aren't able to today though, because Scott has some gathering that he has to give a talk at this morning in Winnipeg. Next Sunday he will be in South Dakota. Hopefully the following Sunday we'll be able to check out another church.

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Kara said...

Costco is awesome! We miss it a lot as that was our place to go too....way better than Sam's. Glad you were able to get away and have some girl time too, Stacy! You deserve it! Can't wait to see your scrapbooking room! I need some inspiration for when I try to get set up in a month or so! :)