Tuesday, March 8, 2011

French Cultural Week

We did finally close on our house last Friday, March 4. What a relief! It was kind of bittersweet, however. I keep thinking about the new owners, and wondering what changes they might be making to the house. I hope they like the neighborhood as much as we did!!

This week is French Cultural week at R.W. Bobby Bend School. The kids were supposed to wear tuques (red if possible) yesterday. Of course Emma was all over that one! She wears her tuque 24/7. Although they won't let her wear it at school like she wears it at home. Today is outdoor races and wear a beard (face paint can do the trick!). Yesterday both Gage and Emma said they didn't really want to do it. So, I didn't bother tracking down face paint. This morning Emma pulled her hair into a ponytail under her chin and said she could wear a beard that way. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! One of Gage's friends from Bismarck had done this as a joke one day and took a picture, so that's where Emma got the idea. I had totally forgotten about it though, and was so excited when Emma thought of it. Of course she wouldn't do it. I kept telling her everyone would think she's a genius, hoping that would make her do it. Finally, on our way to school, she said that if other girls had beards, then she would do it. I highly doubt she will. She doesn't like to make a spectacle of herself, like her mother does. ;-) Tomorrow is crepe making and wear a plaid/flannel shirt. Thursday they are to wear a "ceinture flechee" (colourful sash or scarf around the waist will do). Then Friday they have French performers in the afternoon and they are to wear everything: tuque, beard, plaid/flannel shirt and ceinture flechee. They have all kinds of fun things like this going on at school. The winters are long here, so they have to do something to keep the kids excited!

We are at 15 days until our Disney vacation! Emma is getting SO EXCITED. This morning she was full of questions about riding an airplane. I just can't wait to see the smiles on their faces as we board the plane. I don't think we all have seats together though, so I'm hoping it works out that people will trade seats with us to allow us all to sit together. I definitely will have my camera in hand taking pictures of them and the smiles on their faces!

It's a cold one out there this morning! I'm ready for some warmer weather!

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