Thursday, March 3, 2011

Closing Date set!

FINALLY! We are scheduled to close on our house in Bismarck TOMORROW! Whew! It is definitely easier (and more fun) to buy a house than it is to sell a house. This process wasn't fun, and when you add on top of that not being there to make sure things are going okay, it adds stress to the equation. Thank you, thank you, thank you goes out to my old neighbors, Dave and Maggie Anderson. Dave has done an AWESOME job at being my eyes and hands. It is definitely true that the process was made easier with his help and I can't thank him enough for helping us out in this way. I'll have to send him a pair of Canada mits (mittens) as a souvenir to remember me by. ;-)
I am also anxious to see where we will sit, financially. We likely won't really know the answer to this until the end of March or most likely the start of April. Especially since we have our big vacation planned near the end of March. Twenty days from now, to be exact!!! We are so excited and it will be a MUCH NEEDED break from all the stress from moving, selling our house, settling into our new house and figuring out our day to day routine.
It snowed here last night! Woo Hoo! Boy am I tired of the cold and snow. I have always liked winter but I am ready for it to be gone. I am anxious to see what our yard really looks like. I did, of course, see it when we bought it, but it has been covered with a thick blanket (mountain) of snow since we've been here, so it will be nice to see that green grass! Speaking of the snow melting, it sure does bother me to know that the new owners of our old house will likely have a mess in their new backyard. Melting dog poop is not a pleasant thing, especially when you aren't prepared for it. Hopefully it isn't too bad. I don't know how well Scott picked it up before it snowed. I can make a guess though! :(
This weekend the kids and I will be enjoying the Winter Carnival at Stonewall Quarry Park. Scott will be out of town all weekend for work, so it will be nice to have an activity to keep us busy on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!

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