Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I can't believe my little girl is 8 years old! She's 8, going on 18! Her birthday list did not have a single toy on it. :( Emma doesn't really play with toys. She does play with her stuffed animals, though. She loves stuffed animals. I remember liking them too, but I don't remember having alot of them. Certainly not the number that Emma has! Emma's big ticket item on her birthday list was luggage! What 8 year old do you know wants luggage??? Maybe she wants to run away, and do it in style? She found a pink/purple plaid rolling suitcase at Walmart and that is what she wanted. It was a set of three, and I planned on buying them for her. Scott didn't want to, however. He thought they were probably cheap and would fall apart. What isn't cheap at Walmart, and doesn't fall apart?? I decided that I would check out the luggage at I found a rolling duffle bag that was blue, green and black plaid that Emma liked, so I ordered it for her. Of course it will be late, since I just did that yesterday. Hopefully it will make it before our trip to Disney World. As slow as things are coming and going from Canada, it could be close!

Emma's birthday party will be tomorrow (Tuesday) at Laser Jungle. She invited 8 friends from school, so we're hoping they can all come. I believe 4-5 have RSVP'd, and one of them will be coming home from school with us since she wouldn't be able to come otherwise, as she rides the bus home. I've never met or seen her parents (or them me) so I was surprised they decided to do that. Emma wanted a Peace Sign on her birthday cake. She drew out a whole design on paper and wanted the whipped topping in a can to put little stars around the cake and put a cherry between each star! Quite a vision she had! I talked her into a White cake with strawberry Jell-O poured over it. We will frost it with Cool whip, and I am going to attempt making the Cool Whip tie-dyed. Not sure if I can pull that off, but I won't know until I try! If I can do that, then we will just do the Peace sign with white cool whip stars. If Emma is happy, then I will be happy.

We will be going to Winnipeg this evening to go out for supper in celebration of Emma's birthday and Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day for the rest of us (well, all but Gage) kind of gets forgotten about. Lucky for Scott! We aren't sure where we are going to eat in Winnipeg yet, as we don't know what all restaurants they have there. Booster Juice is one place both the kids want to try. I think it's just a smoothie bar, but not totally sure. It has a bright and colorful Booster Juice sign, which is the only reason the kids even noticed it, let alone want to go to it! You gotta love marketing schemes!

I sent a lunch for both Gage and Emma that was almost completely red. Of course their sandwich isn't red. If I could have figured out how to make a red sandwich I would have. I could have put red food coloring in their egg salad, but that seemed kind of gross and over the top to me. They had red raspberries, strawberries, red bell pepper and Babybel cheese in red packaging, along with a strawberry/watermelon fruit strip. I also sent a little note, in case they didn't happen to notice that everything was red, symbolizing Valentine's Day.

The best gift of all, happens to be Emma's gift to us. When she was 5, she wrote out a contract and signed it. The contract stated, "When I am 8, I will travel better!" The actual note is quite a bit harder to read, as she wasn't the best speller at 5 years old. However, we all know what it says and I can't wait for our next road trip to test her out! ;-)

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