Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Laser Jungle

What an AWESOME place! Gage had his first experience with Laser Jungle a few weeks ago when he attended a friend's birthday party. He came home all excited and wanted to go back. We tried to go one night a couple of weekends ago, but it was booked solid! They said that unless you call ahead it will almost always be full.........especially on the weekends. Now we know why! OMG! That is THE most fun I've had at a kid's birthday party. EVER! I'm so glad I played. I wasn't going to, but Scott said he was playing, so I figured I might as well play too. It's not necessarily cheap, but it wasn't too much more than I've spent on birthday parties in other places. They have different party prices, depending on what all you want. The Parrot Party is $9.99/person which includes 2 games of Laser Tag, one drink, one 2 for 1 coupon and party room. The Panther Party is $11.99/person and you get 2 games of Laser Tag, one drink, one hotdog, one treat, one 2 for 1 coupon and party room. The Python Party is $15.99/person and you get 3 games of Laser Tag, one drink, one hotdog, one treat, one 2 for 1 coupon and the party room. If you have 12 or more people, you can make it a private party in which no outsiders can join in the game. I think we were the only people there for the first game anyway and I believe that there were 2 people that joined in our 2nd game.

So the way this game works, is that everyone is outfitted with a vest that has special sensors on each shoulder, chest, back and then the guns have a sensor on each side. The guns are designed so that you have to have both hands on the gun to operate it. You have to squeeze two buttons on the end of the barrel as you pull the trigger to shoot. If you get shot, you are out of the game for 5 seconds. You know when you've been shot because the vest will tell you you were shot and start your 5 second countdown, and you will also stop blinking. The building is set up with all kinds of mazes and you can go up ramps, hide behind walls. It's quite a challenge to sometimes find people, and you can never really hide completely. One time I thought I was hidden really well and then someone shot me. It's dark in the room and all of the painting on the walls is in a glow in the dark paint, which glows really well in the black light they have. If you wear light-colored clothing, you will also glow! It's funny when you find people because everyone always has a huge smile on their faces and their teeth will also be glowing! ;-)

The first game is everyone for themselves. You shoot anyone and everyone. The games last approximately 15 minutes. After the game, they send you back to the vesting room to remove your vest and then you go into the pre-game room to learn your score. This is all computer operated and each participant gets a print out of the game. Everyone has to choose a Code Name to go by. I was "Supermom". ;-) Scott's Code Name was Big Red, Gage was Lank and Emma was Ally. On your printout, it gives you your score and rank and then has a grid showing you who you shot, and how many times you shot them. It also tells you how many times you were shot and by whom. In our first game, my score was 890 and I ranked 4th. Scott was 3rd, Gage was 5th and Emma was 10th (there were 11 of us playing). I shot Gage 2 times, Scott 9 times and Emma 8 times. I was shot by Scott 5 times, Gage 8 times and Emma 4 times. Scott shot me 5 times, Gage 1 time and Emma 5 times. The 2nd game is divided into two teams. The teams are computer generated and it will even out the teams by the information it compiled from the first game. Each team will have either red or green flashing lights on their vests. If you shoot your own teammate, it won't register. The guns even have a place on the back that will tell you which one of your sensors got shot and who shot you or who you shot. Very high-tech! During our 2nd game I shot Scott 9 times, Gage 8 times and Emma was on my team, so I didn't shoot her. Scott shot me 5 times and Emma 5 times. Scott and Gage were on the same team. Emma shot Gage 2 times and Scott 1 time. Gage shot me 15 times (he was stalking me!) and Emma 7 times. Scott won the 2nd game and I came in 2nd. Gage ranked 4th and Emma ranked 10th (She is consistent!) This was by far the most fun I've ever had at a birthday party!
Before the 2nd game, all of the kids line up and get their hair spayed with a glow in the dark spray. They get to choose what their design is. It then glows in the game area. Neat idea.

After the 2 games of Laser Tag, then we went to the party room where they had hotdogs and treats. The only outside food allowed is cake.

If you come to visit, you can be sure you will get a chance to play in the Laser Jungle!!!

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