Saturday, February 5, 2011


Saturday the kids wanted to go to the Interpretive Center at Oak Hammock Marsh. This also happens to be where the Ducks Unlimited office is. Neat place. We went snowshoeing while we were there. I had never been on snowshoes before, so it was a new experience. The kids have tested them out before at a Cub Scout Winter Fun Day, so they had at least tried them before. Scott actually owns a pair of snowshoes, as he needed them when he was hunting deer a time or two. Guess who was the first person to fall over. HA! Not me! We had a nice time. There are all sorts of different activities that go on there. The kids played a game of Shuffle Duck, which is like shuffle board, only it's played on ice with rubber ducks that are glued to hockey pucks. You use a walking stick (cane) to push the hockey puck and duck to the Momma duck decoy. Whoever's duck is closest, wins. The kids enjoyed that. We also went to a 25 minute movie about tracks in the snow, and checked out the different displays in the interpretive center. Around 3:30, we decided to call it a day. Unfortunately the day wasn't quite over, as we discovered that the keys were locked in the van when we tried getting in. UGH! Scott never locks vehicles. I don't know why. It irritates me. One time he had over $500 in cash hidden in his truck and he never locks it. Another thing that bothers me about that is that the garage door opener is in his truck and it would be awfully easy for someone to steal the garage door opener from the truck and use it to gain access to the house. He doesn't seem to care about that. Anyway, when we are together, as a family, Scott typically drives. He always gets out of the car and never locks it, so I have taken on that responsibility. Unfortunately this time, he also decided that leaving the keys in the car would be appropriate. Since I didn't realize that, I locked the doors, as I typically do. Poor Brie was locked in the car. Our neighbors, who also happen to be about the only people we know, were out of town for the weekend, so we couldn't call on them to rescue us. Thankfully there were some decoy carvers that were at the interpretive center who were just getting out of a decoy carving seminar and Scott was able to get a ride to our house in Stonewall. Thankfully the garage door wasn't locked, otherwise we would have been in a mess. Regardless of the unfortunate events, we had a good time.

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