Monday, July 27, 2009

Telemarketer in the flesh

We had a good weekend in Tuttle. The kayak is awesome. The only way it could be better is if we had one for each of us, or at least 1 2-man and another single kayak. There was ALOT of fighting going on as to who got to use it first, who used it the longest and who had more turns. Gage was pretty good at it and Emma was too. However, Emma was obviously tired and had a few fits in it while we were trying to get a picture of her stuck in the weeds.

Oh, and unless I can find waterproof books, you can't kayak and read at the same time. :-) Thankfully I didn't test it out the first time out and ruin a book. There is alot of splashing going on and drips of water off the paddles.

Emma started her week at YMCA Day Camp. Nature in Pictures was the title of this camp. Of course there was no literature sent out about the camp and what they needed to bring. I packed the basics, like sunscreen, rain jacket and bug spray. When I got there to sign her up, I asked them if they would be providing lunch and he said that they needed to have their own lunch. CRAP! They also needed to have swimming suits. I told Emma to sit there in the lobby on the sofa with all the other kids so I could run home and get her a lunch and her swimsuit. Thankfully we only live a few blocks away from the YMCA and it didn't take me too long. They were going to be sharing cameras unless they had their own. I just didn't feel right leaving my digital camera with Emma, so I told her I would buy her a disposable one today that she could use the rest of the week. She seemed fine with that plan. I'll be more prepared tomorrow.

Gage and I had a guy show up at the door selling cleaning solutions. We had this happen last year or the year before when Scott was home and he bought the stuff. We still have some left, which is why I was hesitating to buy more. It's not always a good thing to have your kids standing around when you have a high-pressure salesman giving you their spiel. Gage mentioned cat pee and the guy jumped right on that. I told him that if he could get cat pee out, I would buy a bottle. We went to Gage's room first, which really, I have that spot fixed. You can't smell the cat pee at all and you really couldn't see a stained area. We went to Emma's room next and there was a spot in the middle of the floor from the other night. Emma had her blankets laid out on the floor and was going to campout on the floor and stupid Griz peed on her blankets. Of course it soaked through into the carpet and I was out of our miracle "STINK-FREE" solution that you put on it. I used the other powder stuff we have and let it sit overnight and then vacummed it up. I hadn't checked to see if it worked since then. I wasn't convinced that the orange based stuff he used was going to work. He sprayed it on and tried doing his magic. I don't think he got the entire spot. I got a number that I can call and told him I would have to talk to my husband. :-) He didn't really want to do that because he wouldn't get credit for the sale. I told him to tell me his name and I would ask for him and I finally got him to leave and believe it or not, I did not buy his stuff. After he left Gage says, "Mom, is that what you call a telemarketer in the flesh?" YES GAGE! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THAT WAS!!! UGH! No more answering the door for the next week or two!

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Kara said...

OMG! I hadn't read your blog in a long time and it might take me the next year to catch up!

The same salesman stopped here tonight. He was actually quite rude! I was downstairs and ran up to get the door...he kept ringing it over and over again....and the girls were sleeping! I got to the door and he said, "Could you be much slower? (Smirk) Just kidding, ma'am." Then he swore about the lady who came around last year selling his same product. I turned him down and he said, "Damn!!!" I think he needs to find another job!