Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"We have a little situation here!"

Emma has been saying some funny things lately. One of them being, "We have a little situation here!" LOL! Last night after she was in bed, I was in the downstairs bathroom and she hollers out, "Uh, Dad......we have a little situation here!" I hollered back, "What's your situation Emma?" She said that she thought Dad missed a page in the book they were reading at bedtime. Dad came upstairs to confirm with Emma that they didn't miss any pages. I don't know where she came up with this? I don't know if it's a statement that Junie B. Jones makes or what? Emma LOVES Junie B. Jones. In fact, that's about all she will let us read to her. I'm almost so sick and tired of the books (I think we've read each one of them (and there's over 25 in the series) at least 3 times. Scott does most of Emma's bedtime reading..........at least when he's home anyway. Most of the reason for that is because I am totally tired of reading those books. We read all of them to Gage and at least 3 times to Emma. I think they should be retired. I try buying her other books that I think she will like, but she won't even give them a chance. I did buy one at B&N the other day that I think she is letting Scott read to her now.

As far as summer reading goes, the kids have been slacking a little this summer in comparison to the past 2 summers. Part of that is because of Camp Edventure and the other part is because we have had so many activities going on that get over too late at night and there's no time for reading before bed, unless they stay up past 10pm. Gage has a ton of books that he hasn't read yet that I was hoping he could get through this summer. I don't think it's going to happen. He has picked up in the reading department here in the past couple of weeks, so I'm glad about that. He seems to be like me, if he has a good book, he'll read it until he finishes it. If he doesn't, he tends to find other things to do with his time.

I have been reading some of the Jodi Picoult books. "My Sister's Keeper" was the first one I read, and I just finished "Perfect Match". Both were VERY good books. I headed back to B&N yesterday to get another one. This one is called, "Plain Truth". I just started it last night and I'm sure it will soon have my full and undivided attention! We've definitely had some good, rainy, reading weather.

Tonight Gage has a baseball game. If his team loses, it will be his last game of the season. His practice yesterday was rained out so the team didn't get that one last practice in. I don't really think it will matter too much. We also have the Zoo Members' Annual Picnic this evening. I love going to it every year. Mostly because I love that I don't have to cook supper. They grill hamburgers and hotdogs and then you get chips, ice cream and a drink......all for free, because we are members. It is raining and doing some thundering this a.m., so hopefully it will clear up so it won't be cancelled. We've never had rain for it, as long as we've been going, so I don't know if they will do it rain or shine, or if they will postpone it. They also hire a DJ that plays music for the kids to dance to. The kids like doing the Chicken Dance and the Bunny Hop.

I saw advertised on television the other night that the Sleepy Hollow Summer Theater will be doing The Wizard of Oz, July 12-21. I think Emma would LOVE that. I think I would LOVE that! :-) Gage is spending the night with a friend Friday night, so I am hoping it doesn't rain so we can take Emma to it so she won't be so upset that Gage is going to a friends house for a sleepover and she isn't. A friend of ours has a daughter in a play with Dakota Stage, so maybe we can fit that into our schedule too? Emma usually enjoys those sorts of things, although we haven't done anything like that in awhile. I remember when she was just little, when we went to Sesame Street Live, and how mesmerized she was. I have pictures of it in her scrapbook. The Sesame Street Live is coming to town again in August and maybe we'll have to go to that. Those darned things cost so much money though. We'll see. It might fall on the same dates as Emma's Prancing Ponies Day Camp in Pick City for Girl Scouts though, so we may not even be able to go. I'll have to check on that.

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