Saturday, June 6, 2009


Why is it, in the winter, when it's 40 degrees, it feels like a heatwave...............but when it happens in June, it's freezing cold? I don't think we made it over 40 degrees today and there was ALOT of snow in Dickinson. We saw MAYBE some rain that wanted to turn into snow, or at least Scott did. Wow! It was a cold one out there today. Of course it was the day of our church's annual Turkey Barbeque. It seems to always be nasty weather on that day. It used to be in May, and because of the nasty weather, they have moved it into June, and it didn't matter. Still cold. Maybe it just isn't to be? The turkey was very good regardless. AND, because there weren't many people there, we got to bring some of the leftover turkey home, so I'm excited that I won't have to fix at least one meal tomorrow! :-)

I've had a neckache/headache most of the day and I think I'm going to cut this short tonight. I did get the Day Camp pictures uploaded to Facebook, and I think that's probably where they will stay. It just takes too long to upload them on if you want to check them out Mom, head over to Facebook! :-) By the way, I tried calling you today and the phone was doing weird things? Don't know if it was on this end, or your end? Love love love ya!

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