Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More time in the day

It's amazing how much more I can get done in a day when I don't sleep until 9 or 9:30 in the morning! It's not even the extra 2 hours that do it, it's just that I feel better and have more energy. I wonder why I will still sleep in if given the chance?

Last night I had a surge of energy hit me at about 8-8:30p. I tore into the kitchen pantry and had everything drug out. I hadn't really emptied it out and cleaned it since we moved in almost 7 years ago, so it was about time. (I have cleaned it before, several times, in the past 7 years........but I just haven't drug everything out and reorganized!) It was certainly due and it looks SO MUCH better. The kids were surprised this morning when they opened the door. Mostly Emma. Gage couldn't care less. I think when Emma gets older, she is going to be very good at cleaning and organizing. She hates the mess and clutter too. In fact, she moved out of her bedroom about 2-3 weeks ago and into the guest room. I didn't really know why, until yesterday. I didn't fight the fact that she wanted to sleep in the guest room. I just wanted her to sleep and I didn't care where. She moved all of her prizely possessions, you would be amazed at some of the little pieces of junk in that group of things, into the guest room and claimed that it was because the covers were "comfier". Whatever! Emma has the most comfy bedding in the house (well, she did until I got my new bed linens a few months ago) so I didn't buy it, but I let her do it anyway, since school was nearly out. Yesterday, when that cleaning/organizing bug hit me in the early afternoon, Emma and I tore into her bedroom. AGAIN! Her bedroom can go from very organized to a pig sty in less than an hour. I threw all the papers and junk she has stashed all over her room away and put her mattress back up in the bed, instead of under the bed where she had wanted it not too long ago. We organized all of her toys and books and last night, at bedtime, she decided to move back into her room. :-) She even slept in her own bed, which was IN the dollhouse bed frame. I was sad this morning to see I lost one of my sleeping partners to Emma. Grus LOVES Emma's bed and I found him curled up with her this morning and he has been sleeping with me, snuggled up against my legs. Traitor! Anyway, I was happy that the clean room made Emma want to move back in, and it's apparent that I need to help her when her room becomes so cluttered she can't stand to be in it. That's typically why I don't do it, because I can't stand to be in it either when it gets like that!

Emma is very excited about today. She is getting something that she is very thrilled about. I'm not going to tell what it is quite yet, because I know she would be upset if I spoiled the surprise. She's been on the countdown for several days now and was very easy to get out of bed this morning when I reminded her about what she has going on today.

They are loving Camp Edventure. Not as much as I am though! However, yesterday Emma told me that she was being teased out on the playground. I got all concerned and started asking her what happened. Apparently her brother is the ring-leader! UGH! Gage started this little saying the other day, which Emma hates, and he said it to her at school and she wasn't very happy about it. He says, "Emma is the fartster.............she laughs when she farts and she farts when she laughs!" I have to admit it was pretty funny. She does fart when she gets to laughing pretty hard, which makes us all laugh even harder, until she gets mad. Anyway, it was inappropriate for Gage to do that to her at school and had his friends joining in. I'm hoping that they don't have any recesses together this fall when school starts back up. Gage got a talking-to though and I told him that he's supposed to be sticking up for his little sister when other people are teasing her, not to be the ring-leader himself! Hopefully he won't do that again.

Emma has a ballgame tonight..........................YIKES!....................that reminds me I need to get her uniform washed! I best get on that. I'm hoping that she has a good game again like the other night so we can see her in action. Thankfully Gage does not have a game, so it will be nice that we can all be there to cheer her on. I have Kysa's taco salad made for supper and I just can't wait to eat it. I LOVE her taco salad recipe and I only make it in the summertime, so it's a treat when we get to start eating it again after a long winter. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. It would be even better with homegrown tomatoes, but there won't be any of those around here for at least another month! It's been too cold!

I best get going. It's almost time to get the kids picked up from Camp Edventure. I sure am enjoying my 4 hours of peace and quiet this week...................and for several weeks to come! :-)

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