Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Not much happened today. The kids were fighting over the stupid triceratops again today. I took it and put it up on a high shelf in the basement and I think they have forgotten about it because no one said anything about having it in their room tonight! :-)

Gage and Emma both had baseball games at 7:30 tonight. Gage struck out his 2 times at bat but he was thrilled to death when someone hit a grounder to him at 3rd base and he fielded it, stepped on the bag and got the force out. I was happy that he was so happy. Unfortunately someone had asked me a question at that time and I missed the whole thing. UGH! That's the way it always happens. Scott said Emma did okay. He didn't go into any detail, so that's all I can report.

Tomorrow is the first day of Gage's Day Camp for Cub Scouts. I am a chaperone for his group (our den). It goes from 12:30-5:30 so it will be an entire fun-filled afternoon (NOT!). Hopefully they will all be too tired to be obnoxious. Ha! Wishful thinking, I know. I decided I better go to bed earlier tonight so I don't kill a Cub Scout tomorrow. :-)

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