Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Water water everywhere!

There's water everywhere....................except in our basement *knocking on wood*. I'm scared that if it's headed down the street, house by house, that we're next in line. The three houses directly north of us have water in their basements. I don't know about the ones south of us. The house across the street from us, and the houses on either side, also have water. We have lucked out this go-round. It's possible we may get more rain tonight and since Scott is out of town today and the next 2 days, that will be when it happens. Thankfully we don't have carpet in the basement (except for a piece a friend was replacing that we have thrown on the floor) and so if we do get water, I should be able to manage it myself. Let's just pray we don't get anymore rain! My neighbor, Dave, ran to Lowe's for me and picked up some extension tubing to hook onto the downspouts, so hopefully that will help move the rain away from the house. I was wondering if maybe one of the reasons we haven't gotten water yet is because we don't water our lawn, and it was so much drier than everyone else's that it just soaked up the water instead of it seeping up through our floor? Just a thought.

The kids are going on an all-day field trip for Camp Edventure tomorrow. They'll be gone from 8a-4p!!! I'm not sure what I'm going to do all day. That's not saying I don't have tons to do around the house though! They are headed to the Zoo and Superslide Amusement Park for miniature golf and basketball.

My neck is killing me today. I don't know if I slept on it wrong or what? Maybe it's all the terrible dreams I've been having lately? The other night I dreamed that I was trapped in a Nazi concentration camp with someone (not sure who was with me) and I was trying desperately to get out. I've had some other bad ones that I'm not going to talk about.

I had to run a few errands today to get Emma ready for her 3-day Daisy Camp next week. On Tues-Thurs Emma will be at Camp Okankusa in Mandan experiencing the great outdoors. Last night I attended Leader Training because I will be helping at camp on Thursday as a unit leader. I was a bit overwhelmed. I think this will be as close to playing Survivor as I've ever been! I'm praying that everyone will have it all figured out by Thursday, since that is the last day, and it won't be so bad. They have all kinds of fun things planned. There will be 5 groups with 11 girls in each group. They will be planning their own meal for supper and cooking it over a campfire. The camp site is really neat, but I hope they get the mosquito problem under control before Tues. They said that someone was going to come out and spray before Tuesday, so I hope that helps. They were TERRIBLE when I was there last night! Heck, they were terrible outside our house tonight!!! It should be a good camp and I know they will learn ALOT of valuable information. I'm excited for Emma. I've been talking to her about the different things I learned at Leader training and a few of the "tips" they gave out to us. I hope they help!

I believe I just heard some thunder rumbling outside. I hope that doesn't bring water with it! We don't need anymore of it right now!

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