Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tired and boring

Last night Emma had a baseball game. She is always excited to go, but last night was extra exciting for her since she had her new hair-do! I'm wondering how many people think I'm crazy! :-) It was also a special game because Kim and Juanita came to watch. I think Emma was surprised to see them. On our drive home, when we were talking about how nice it was for them to come, she asked, "How did they even know I had a game?" :-) It was a 7:30 game, so needless to say, the kids got to bed late. Gage is a bit grumpy today because of it. I'll try for an early bedtime tonight since we don't have any activities going on.

I've been going through the kids' rooms and the basement and packing up toys that they don't play with to either store, or sell at a garage sale. I hate doing garage sales because they are so much work, but the kids seem to be more willing to get rid of some things knowing that they could possibly sell them and make some money on them. We'll see how it goes. We've been doing a little each day and eventually, if I don't get rid of it, it will all be disorganized and back all over the basement and their rooms. I need to use that idea to keep me motivated!

Scott has been working a lot of extra time again this week. There are more people in for tours of the prairie. Inside the Duck Factory II, I think is what it's called. I'll be glad when it's over and I'm praying their isn't a part III!

I suppose I better get started on supper. We're making pizzas tonight. When we were at Cub Scout Day Camp we made pizzas out of flour tortillas by topping them with our favorite toppings and then grilling them on the grill. I'm not the griller in our house, so I am planning to just cook them in my electric skillet. I think the kids will enjoy making them. Gage enjoyed doing it at camp and anytime Emma gets to help fix anything in the kitchen, she is happy.

Sorry for the boring post. I think I'm a bit tired myself and it shows while I'm trying to come up with things to blog about. I had a comment on my previous post of pictures from Rachel, from Louisiana, who is apparently a long-time blog reader of mine. I just wanted to thank you for your kind comment. I hope you are right, and Gage and Emma will be happy, content teenagers. I appreciate you taking the time to post your comment. :-)

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