Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pictures to prove I have gone mad.

Emma was VERY EXCITED to head out to her 1pm appointment!

Here we go!

Emma, before the transformation.

Emma during the transformation. She was quite the wiggle worm and I had to beg Gage to let her play his DS while she was sitting under the hair dryer.

Can you say PURPLE?

YIKES! When she said it would be purple, she wasn't kidding around!

It's a tough job, being beautiful.

I guess we'll have to start calling Emma "Clash". Isn't that what purple and red do, clash?

It actually looks pretty good!

I liked the zig-zag part, but Emma didn't. :-( I haven't quite figured out how to make the zig-zag look as good as Amanda's.

I think I have gone off the deep end!
Scott and I are thinking, that when the kids are older and come asking us for piercings and tattoos and we say no, they will say, "But MOM and DAD, you NEVER let us do anything!" We can say, "Oh, do you remember when we let you color your hair green or purple?" Do you think it's going to work?


Anonymous said...

Long time blog reader although I've never commented. I think it's great that you let them color their hair. My mom was alot similar to you and when I got older and all my friends were acting out against their super strict parents I was a happy content teenager! They both sound like great kids. You are a great mom to be so active in their activities and not just being a "sideline" parent. Love reading your blog! Rachel from Louisiana

Emily Jennings said...

Silas said, "that's funny!"

Jari said...

I let seth put red and black in his hair last week. Good job stacy I am proud of you for letting them do it