Monday, June 15, 2009


Once again I have been negligent to my blog. I'm blaming Facebook. It's just more fun. However, I am going to keep trying to get better at blogging. I'm thinking that I may try to change my blogging schedule to be during the morning, when the kids are at Camp Edventure.

We went to Tuttle yesterday to mow the lawn. It was desperately needing it too. I wasn't aware of the fact that there were a houseful of people until we were half way there. Scott lets the Minnesota DU people use the house to tour donors around the prairie and when we drove up to the house, I did a gasp. I have never seen a motorhome as big and as nice as the one that was sitting in our driveway. I have no idea why they were staying at our house, because I'm quite confident the accommodations were much nicer in the motorhome, than in our Tuttle house! I have never seen a semi-truck as the cab/vehicle part of a motorhome before. While that had my jaw hanging open, Scott was drooling all over the duck boat that was hooked on behind. WOW!

We have some new neighbors in Tuttle. I haven't met them yet, but I saw them yesterday as they were driving out of the driveway and they smiled and waved like they are nice people. I would guess they are in their 60's. There's another younger couple with a little boy, about 3 or 4, that has bought the abandoned house at the end of our driveway. All I can say is that is going to be a BIG project! The Mom and little guy came over to borrow our bathroom while they were there mowing their yard. It seems that they mow about as often as we do, so they (or we) fit in nicely. :-)

The kids are on the edge of grouchiness today. They were up LATE Saturday night. I went out to dinner with a group of donors and the DU people who were touring them around the prairies. I attempted at babysitters twice, but they were both busy, so I asked my neighbor, Bonnie, if the kids could come over. I thought I would be home around 9pm, but I was panicked at 9pm because the server was just taking our orders at that time! I snuck into the bathroom with my cell phone to call her and make sure everything was going okay. She said things were fine, but I knew she had mentioned earlier that she wanted to get her kids to bed a little earlier that night, so I was feeling terrible about the whole situation. We ate supper at The Pier. They were not prepared for the group we had, regardless of the fact that we had made reservations. One of the waiters mentioned later, after supper was served and being picked up, that had they knew then what they knew now, they would have closed the entire upstairs off to anyone but the DU group. They just had more people than they could handle. I felt bad for them, but I'm guessing they made out well with the tips they received. Anyway, we didn't get home until about 10:30 and I was feeling terrible about it. I wish I had just been able to find a babysitter and I would have enjoyed myself a little more towards the end of the meal. It was an interesting group of people. I enjoyed them more than I have groups in the past. Not sure why? I would bet that almost EVERY single one of them came up to me to tell me what a treat Scott was for them on this tour. They all fell in love with him and his passion for the ducks. It made it really hard for me to continue being mad at him for being gone all week. (However, I seemed to manage....:-)) It was nice visiting with them and having them all tell me how great my husband is. No one has it quite as good as he does, I'm sure. He has his cake and he's eating it too. I'm thankful that he loves what he does, because it allows me to stay home with Gage and Emma, which in my opinion, is the most important thing for us right now.

Yesterday after we got home from Tuttle we stopped at home long enough for me to take a speed bath and for Gage to get his baseball uniform on so we could make it to him ballgame on time. Unfortunately it was the 7:30 game which put us home after 9......................another late night. That, combined with an early morning today to get ready for Camp Edventure = kids who are driving me insane. I'm hoping Scott can get them to bed early tonight, while I'm out playing volleyball in the cold, dreary..........probably raining by

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