Monday, June 1, 2009

Be Creative at Your Library

This year's Summer Reading Program theme is "Be Creative at Your Library". I always thought you were supposed to be quiet at your library. :-) I suppose you can be creative AND quiet at the same least people other than my children, that is.

The kids and I went a little earlier this morning than we have in the past because it is usually swamped with people. I was surprised as there didn't seem to be as many people this year as in years past? We had a good time. We saw some friends we haven't seen in awhile and that was nice. There was a crossword puzzle and word search put on by the state paleontologists. We were on a scavenger hunt throughout the gallery for answers to the questions. The kids were sidetracked for a short while, but we finally got back to looking for and finding answers. The kids enjoyed searching for the clues with "big Emily" from church. (We've had enough Emily's in our life that we have named them, big Emily and little Emily.) Everyone who turned in an answer sheet was going to be put into a prize drawing to be held at 3:45. The prize was a collectible-like Triceratops. I don't really know how to describe it. I took a picture of the kids with it, but I'm too lazy, and sore, to go get the camera right now. It isn't really for playing with. It's kind of heavy and looks bronze, but it isn't. When we turned in our answer sheets, with Emily, our three were the only 3 that had been turned in by 1:15. I don't know if people didn't know about it, or weren't interested in it? Anyway, Emily told Gage that she didn't really want it if she won it and was going to give it to him. Well, that pretty much shot our odds of winning it right up there! I was pretty sure there would be people doing the activity in the afternoon and really didn't think we would win it. Gage came up to me at 3:30 and said, "Mom, they are going to be doing the drawing for the Triceratops pretty soon!" I told him that he was right, but that I really didn't think we were going to win it because there would have been more people to enter in the afternoon. When the phone rang at 3:45, the kids came running. I couldn't believe it when it was the lady from the Heritage Center calling to tell us Gage won the dinosaur. Both Gage and Emma were wanting to win it, so I decided not to tell them who won, but tell them they both won. Gage thought maybe their entries were folded together. We of course had to go get it right then and they were already fighting over who was going to get to keep it in their room first. Then the one who wasn't going to get it in their room first wanted to hold it on the car ride home. UGH! On our way back to the Heritage Center Gage says, "Mom who really won the dinosaur?" I told him I wasn't telling because I didn't want anyone feeling bad. They assured me they wouldn't feel bad and that they were going to share it. Well, I was stupid and fell for it. I figured Emma would be better about not actually winning it than Gage would be, so I gave in and told them. I knew I shouldn't have and it has turned into a fight this evening. Emma lost her pedometer when we went back to get the dinosaur so she told Gage she would trade him the dinosaur for one week if she could have his pedometer. He agreed. Well, tonight before bed Emma had a meltdown wanting to take the deal back. UGH! I wish someone else would have won that stupid thing! Just one more thing to collect dust and add to the clutter that I won't be able to get rid of.

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