Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

I had been seeing advertisements for the movie My Sister's Keeper on television and I thought it really looked good. The movie was based on the novel by Jodi Picoult (or something close to that). I mentioned on Facebook that I wanted to see the movie and I had several comments telling me to read the book first. So, I did. Thursday I emailed Scott to see if he would pick the book up for me at Barnes and Noble on his way home from the airport. I was happy to see him walk in the house with a B&N sack. :-) I started reading it immediately. I finished the book this morning and I was a MESS! It was a really good book and a serious tear-jerker. I decided that I wanted to see the movie and got online to see if it was playing in Bismarck. It was and I had just missed the first show by 10 minutes when I logged onto the site. I decided I was going to go to the movie by myself and I made it to the 1:45p show this afternoon. The movie was really good, but I think it would have been better if I had seen the movie prior to reading the book. There were some differences in the two and I think seeing the movie first would have made it much better. Then reading the book would also be really good because it would be a totally different ending. If you haven't seen the movie, or read the book, I recommend seeing the movie first, despite everyone telling me to read the book first. Just my opinion. If you decide to do that, I want to hear what you think so we can compare notes to see which, in fact, was the correct order to do it. My eyes are still messed up from all the crying I've done today and I think I need to go to bed. G'night!

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