Sunday, May 31, 2009


While we were sitting in our usual spot in the balcony at church, a little after the service started, we were pleasantly surprised by an old friend who showed up at church today! Jodie and Emily Nuss were in town and it sure was nice seeing them and visiting with them. Gage was not very happy that his old buddy Ben was not with them; however. Emily and Emma were pretty good buddies when they lived just on the next street over from us and they seemed to pick right up where they left off a couple of years ago when they moved away. After lunch Emily came over for a playdate with Emma and they played so nicely together. Since Ben wasn't here for Gage to play with, we called his friend/classmate, Matthew, to come play as well. They all were very well behaved and it was a nice afternoon.

Tonight was our first church league volleyball game at 6:30. We were afraid that we were going to have to leave early because the kids both had baseball games tonight at 7:30. There were only 4 of us there, so they beat us pretty quickly in the first 2 matches. We actually came back and won the 3rd match though, which was quite amazing! A new member at our church signed up to play. She said she hadn't played since college, and has never played on sand, so it might take a little while for her to get into the swing of things. Man, I was surprised at how wimpy I was to begin! It took several rotations for me to even get my serve over the net! My shoulder is a little sore tonight from the extra effort it took. It's all about timing and we didn't get a chance to warm up at all before the match. It was a good warm up for me though as my first adult sand volleyball league game is tomorrow night. I'm glad I was able to get a little practice in before tomorrow. Although I'll probably be so sore tomorrow that it won't even matter!

Emma's first t-ball game was tonight. It should almost be a crime as to how cute she looks in her uniform. LOL! Tonight was the first time she has had it on since they tried them on when they distributed the uniform. The waists seem a little tight on these pants. I don't remember Gage's being like that last year, but we have a hard time getting his snapped this year too. There's definitely no physical need for the belt that they have to wear! When Emma came upstairs with her uniform on she didn't want us to tuck in her shirt because she said, "The pants are squeezing the air out of me!" LOL! I thought that was pretty cute. I seem to have some of those pants myself...............the kind that squeeze the air out of me. I try avoiding those at all costs! :-) Anyway, Emma did a great job. She had several nice hits off the T. The last inning the coaches pitched to the kids but she didn't get a piece of that one, so they brought the T back out for her. I think she enjoyed playing. There were several kids that had no attention span at all when they were out in the field. One kid reminded me of Pig Pen on Charlie Brown because he was constantly making a cloud of dust wherever he went. Man was he dirty! Emma did a little bit of that too, but not as bad as a lot of the boys. Both Gage and Emma play again on Tuesday at the same time, so Scott and I will tag team and he will go with Emma while I go to Gage's game. I think there are only a few more that are doubled up on us.

We're looking forward to the new week. There's a big Summer Reading Kick-Off at the Heritage Center tomorrow that we will be going to. Should be fun!

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