Thursday, January 24, 2008


Let me tell you, it was COLD here this morning!!! We walked to school this morning and just before we left the weatherman said it was -16 degrees! (And that's NOT including the wind chill!) I had Gage wear his snow pants and all of his gear so he was quite bundled up. I on the other hand was bundled from my waist up. I wore my track pants that aren't lined and I was regretting that before I made it home. My legs seriously were hurting by the time I got home. I should have had some snow pants on myself! My black scarf had turned white with frost from my breath it was so cold. I hope Gage has great memories of this when he's older. I want him to be able to tell his kids and grandkids "You know, when I was a young boy I had to walk to school when it was -20 and also had to walk up hill both ways!" (And that will actually be the truth!)

I'm packed and ready for my weekend retreat in Medora! I am so proud of myself for being so organized and not scrambling around at the last minute trying to get my things rounded up! I don't know when the last time was that I wasn't panicking at the last minute!

Scott has a decoy party to go to Friday night, and I will be out scrapbooking. The kids are so excited and happy that they will still get to attend the BINGO for books event at Gage's school! Our wonderful friends, The Hockings, are going to take them to the school and have a fun-filled evening (I hope!). I know the kids will have fun, I just hope they don't wear anyone out! This is such a fun event. You bring in books you don't want anymore, kids books and they also have adult books as well, and you get a ticket for each book you bring, and then you can "buy" other used books with your tickets. There are several tables jam-packed with books. Then, if you get a BINGO, they have a table of new books you can pick for your prize. They also have pizza for $1/slice, free popcorn and lemonade and ice cream for $0.50. I'm actually very sad I'm going to miss it because I had a great time last year. If it was anything other than Medora that I had going on, I certainly would have skipped it to attend BINGO for books! I hope Juanita and/or Kim and/or Erin have a wonderful time! Thanks so much guys!!!

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Kara said...

Have fun in Medora....remember to sleep a little too! ;)