Wednesday, January 9, 2008


When I was at my parents' house over Christmas, my Mom gave me a TracFone. She said I need to have one for emergencies. She had already bought it, so there was no arguing with her. I brought the phone home and hadn't done anything with it until yesterday. I was reading the instructions on how to activate it and I had bought a TracFone card at Walmart. When I was on the website, activating the phone, it kept telling me there were no phone numbers available for this area and to choose a different zip code. I went through 3 different Bismarck zip codes with the same thing happening. I finally had to call the customer service person. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to understand him. He was talking away as it was occurring to me that I couldn't understand a word of what he was saying. Then, he asked me if that was okay.
Me: I was like, "Uh, what was that?"
Him: "Is that okay?"
Me: "Uh, what was that again?"
Him: He goes into another session of talking that I can't understand. "Is that okay?"
Me: "Uh, you said it is free?"
Him: "Yes."
Me: "Uh, sure, whatever, as long as it's free."
He told me the TracFone I had was not able to be used in this area. He was going to send me a new one free of charge and instructions on how to send the other one back to them. Well, I figured that was the end of the TracFone. Until today, I was completely surprised to see it in between the doors when I answered the door when the mailman brought me a package. I received the new phone today!! I have registered it and it appears to be working. I called Scott on his cell to test it out, and so he could put the number in his phone. I have no idea how to program it with numbers, etc, but if there's an emergency, I'm set! Thanks Mom!!!

Last night we had a paper shredding party. Part of my "getting organized" plan was to go through our filing cabinet and ditch unnecessary papers. OH MY! I thought I had gone through the filing cabinet a couple of years ago, and maybe I did, but apparently I wasn't in the throw away mood that I am in right now. I had statements way back from 1999 from cable, phone, etc etc. We moved here in 2002. I would hate to know how many trees went through the paper shredder last night! I'm not kidding when I tell you the motor overheated twice and I had to wait for it to cool off. In fact, one time I noticed it was smoking!!!!!!!! YIKES! We filled at least 6 garbage bags with shredded papers. I can't imagine how terrible it would be if we had never moved and I had been saving from the time I left home? I would have had to buy three shredders to keep up. I had a huge sense of accomplishment after I was finished! It is a 2-drawer filing cabinet. I opened up the first drawer to admire its emptiness. Then I opened up the second drawer only to find it was still jam-packed full! I couldn't believe that was only 1 drawer! Scott was helping me pull the stuff from the cabinet, so I had no idea there was still another full drawer to go through. When I am finished I will be soooo happy! I'm not saving much at all and plan to start over. Only this time I'm going to start by putting most of the papers I receive through the mail straight into the shredder! No wonder when people's houses catch on fire they just go up in flames! They have so much "fuel" with all of the paperwork they keep stored in boxes. Not me! I'm throwing it all away!!!

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