Sunday, January 20, 2008


That's an interesting title that probably has all of you wondering! Yesterday morning (Saturday) Scott and Gage left to run a few errands. As they were leaving, I just happened to look out the window while I was standing at the kitchen sink and noticed he drove off in my van. I thought to myself, "Why doesn't he drive his own vehicle?" Then I went about my business. Approximately 5 minutes later he called from his cell phone and said he had rear-ended someone.
Stacy: "No way, you did not!"
Scott: "Yeah, I did."
Stacy: "You did not!"
Scott: "I did too! I was stopping behind this guy and slid on the ice and ran into him. I didn't hurt his vehicle at all, but it cracked our bumper."
Scott: click. He hung up the phone.

I was very upset with myself for reacting the VERY same way he reacted to me when I ran into a lightpole when we lived in Memphis while I was trying to drive my psychotic cat to the veterinary clinic, after he freaked out and jumped straight into the rolled up window! I shouldn't have reacted that way and I think the reason I did was because I was annoyed that he took my van in the first place instead of taking his truck. UGH! I wouldn't have said anything if it had been his own vehicle that he had crunched! Anyway, he cracked the front bumper and bent up the license plate. I'm sure our deductible is higher than the amount of damage, which I'm sure will be somewhere around the $1000 mark? I don't know that for sure though. He did try exlpaining to me later that he did not come to a sudden stop, he was slowing down gradually, and then slid on the ice. I found that very difficult to believe, because every time I am in the vehicle with him he waits until the last minute to stop and just stops, almost as if he were slamming on the brakes. It annoys the heck out of me. We had just had a conversation about this very thing a week or so prior to this. It was a little slippery out, and I kept ramming my foot through the floorboard on the passenger side using my imaginary brakes.
Scott: "When have I ever ran into anyone?"
Stacy: "Well, you bumped into someone when we lived in Bozeman, and you have also bumped into someone since we've lived here." (now that makes 2 times since we've lived here).
Scott: no comment.

The funny part of this whole story is, later in the afternoon yesterday, we had gone out to run an errand to take supper to a couple who just had a baby. On our way there, we discussed the "accident" a little bit. Scott, again claims that he did NOT wait until the last minute to stop, that he was gradually slowing down. Then Gage comments from the back seat.
Gage: "Dad was a little bit distracted Mom."
Mom: "Oh?"
Gage: "Yeah, he was reaching up to get $3.00 out of the ashtray to give to me for getting 100% on my spelling and dictation test, and then he looked up and saw he was about to run into the car in front of us, so he hit the brakes."
Mom: "Ah, so the truth comes out!"

I looked at Scott and he laughed as he said that wasn't true. Then Gage proceeded to tell step by step, again, what had happened. I think I have mentioned before that I don't usually get into arguments with Gage about memories!

Shall the truth set you free!

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