Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Deep Freeze

We are definitely in the deep freeze today! Last night Gage had a music program at school and the wind gusts were bone chilling! I decided right then and there that we would NOT be walking to school this morning. -20 degrees temperatures and -50 wind chills warrants a ride to school in my book. Gage was grateful. I did; however, walk to pick him up. It wasn't too bad on my way there, but after I picked him up and started to head down the hill from the school, the wind was now blowing into our faces. As we were heading down the hill Gage said he was already cold, and when our neighbor asked if we wanted a ride, we took her up on it! Other than taking Gage to and from school, we haven't left the house today. We even skipped Emma's hockey, which is not typical for us to do. Emma stayed in her p.j.'s the entire day. She told Scott at lunchtime that it was a p.j. day today! :-)

Gage's program at school last night was really good. He seems to excel in music class as well. He had his hand raised every time the teacher asked a question, and when she called on him, he knew the answer. It was a neat little program where they got to show what they were learning with different rhythm instruments. We got his report card this week and he is doing excellent in school. He is exceeding what is expected in all areas. We are very proud of both him and Emma.

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