Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Quiet day

We have had a quiet New Year's Day. Emma isn't feeling well and has been on the couch pretty much all day. Her eyes look so pitiful. I must admit; however, that it has been kind of nice. I am one of those mothers who take advantage of those lethargic days. Typically I don't give any fever-reducing meds such as Tylenol or Motrin unless they have a really high temp. When I was working in nursing, the standing doctor's orders were to give Tylenol only for a temp greater than 100.8 or 101. I don't worry about increased temps unless they are over that. If you remember a Tylenol commercial awhile back, there was a mother who's kids were running around wild and the mother told the father, "I know, I had to do it!" I don't "do it" unless I really have to. I like those quiet days and I take full advantage of them. Gage had a few this week and now Emma is having hers. It has made the past week very quiet and I have been able to get some of my organizing done. I would be proud to show my junk drawer to anyone who wants to look. It has been so chocked full of junk that you could hardly even open the drawer. I have been ignoring it for too long. It is now very organized and I just look in it every once in awhile to see how nice it looks. I wonder how long it will stay that way? I did the same thing in the upstairs bathroom drawers. Walmart has the best little organizers, and I'm quite sure they are going to be getting some of my money for awhile as I continue to organize for my New Year's Resolution! I'm going to be like those Rubbermaid commercials and I'm going to need more junk, because all of my other junk is so organized! HA HA!

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