Sunday, January 6, 2008

There's no place like home.

Saturday morning we left for Fargo to attend a Ducks Unlimited Volunteer Appreciation banquet. We had alot of fun. The kids were excited that we got to stay in a hotel that had a swimming pool. I was excited because we got to do some shopping at some fun stores that I typically don't get to shop in, i.e. The Children's Place, Kids Gap, and Gymboree. All I can say is that it's a good thing we don't have those stores in Bismarck! I told the gal working in Gymboree that and she said lots of people say the opposite. I told her I couldn't afford for them to be readily accessible to me! She said she understood, because she rarely takes home a paycheck! I wouldn't either if I worked there!

The volunteer banquet was fun. They made it fun for both the men and women. We played BINGO and the prizes were decoys and Longaberger baskets. I wasn't too excited about either, but I had fun playing BINGO. They had an item that I was excited about on the silent auction, however. They had a small wooden box, like a cedar chest, with a duck carved on the front of it. I didn't really care about the duck, but I really liked the box. Apparently when they unloaded the box for the banquet, they either broke it, or it arrived broken. So, the deal was, if you won the auction, you could take the broken box, and they would also ship you a new one. I have been looking for cedar-chest type boxes for the kids. I wanted to have a place to put the things I want to save for them to have one day when they have a home of their own. This was the perfect thing, because I got 2 for 1! And, Scott thinks we can fix the broken box with some wood glue and clamps. I couldn't be more excited! Scott was also excited about his new decoys. (We really needed more of those!)

The banquet lasted quite awhile, and I knew it was going to be bad news as far as the kids were concerned. I'm not sure about the time we went back to our room, but it was somewhere in the 10pm range I think? The rest of the night just went downhill from there! I told Scott to go for dessert with a few other DU guys and their families and I took the kids to the room. After I finally got the room picked up with all of our stuff organized, I had the kids ready for bed and read some stories. Emma was very fidgety and wouldn't lay still. My nerves were really being tested. We went around and around about this and finally Scott came back to the room. I was trying my hardest to have them asleep before he got back because he was going to bring me back a dessert. Well, needless to say, I had to share. It was a delicious chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream with nuts in it and hot fudge topping. The kids enjoyed it too. Then, it was back to business trying to get them to bed. I handed Emma over to Scott, as I had had enough. He had a few more patience than I did, since he had been out for awhile, but still could not get her to settle down. Finally, she started bawling and said she wanted to go home. She missed her bed and she missed Grusy. There was no getting her to stop. This went on FOREVER! She wanted to sleep on the floor and we weren't letting her because it was dirty and just didn't want her on the floor. I looked at the clock just as Scott fixed her a spot on the floor and it was 11:55 p.m. I don't think Gage or Emma have ever been up that late? She got down on the floor and no kidding, she was snoring by 11:59. UGH! If I had known that's all it was going to take, I would have started her out on the floor!!! Then, I could have enjoyed that delicious dessert all by myself! Needless to say, they were tired and cranky all morning until we left for Bismarck and they were pretty quiet on the ride home, thank God! I'm not sure how much more whining and carrying on I could take.

There's no place like home!

Today was a big day at home for my family in Iowa. My Dad's retirement party was today and my sister Jari Jo got married. Unfortunately, we were not able to attend due to the short notice of both events. I hope it was a great day for all of them. Congratulations Dad, Mom, Jari Jo and Brian!!!!! My thoughts are with all of you! I'm looking forward to seeing my parents here visiting in North Dakota now that they have no more excuses as to why they can't come! I hope Dad and Mom have a happy, fun-filled retirement!

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Jari said...

The wedding was fun. I am glad to married to Brian and will share pictures with you. You would have loved it. There was alot of laughter love and a few tears (from Seth and Katie of all people) I guess they are tender hearted and that is a good thing. I think they are happy they finally can say he is my dad.