Friday, January 11, 2008


Last night when I was putting the kids to bed, I had gone into the bathroom and put the kids' toothbrushes away and glanced at myself in the mirror. YIKES! Seriously! I don't know why, but I had purplish red splotches all over my face?? I couldn't think of anything I might have gotten into that I could be allergic to? We had pizza for supper and I had had a Starbucks coffee. Man, that would save me a lot of money if I were allergic to Starbucks!!! My face felt flushed and hot as well. I have no idea what that was all about, but thank goodness they were gone this morning when I woke up!!

We have been getting snow today. I am babysitting my neighbors' house and the next house north of them while they are vacationing in Hawaii. I decided I better get outside and get the 3 driveways shoveled because I didn't know for sure when it was going to stop, and I didn't want to get too much snow out there to have to remove. I felt nice and warm when I was finished with that! Then I went to get Gage at school. He was very happy to report to me that he got 100% on his spelling test and 100% on his dictation test! I was very happy for him. He's gotten 100% on each of his spelling tests, but due to rushing and not looking over his dictation part, he has missed a couple with each of those. I thought this was his first set of 100%, but he told me he had one other on his first set of tests. I don't remember that? I'm going to have to go back through his papers and look. I should just trust what he says, because if we're having a battle of memories, I'm typically the loser!

Today was the 2nd week of our "Family Fun Box". I bought this box at a Once Upon a Family party that a friend had and decided to put it to use. The box comes with sheets of paper that you write down different fun things your family likes to do, then once a week you pull one out of the box. Last week they pulled out "Invite Friends Over". Gage invited Grant and Emma invited her friend Jadyn. I'm not so sure the whole thing turned out as "fun" as I thought? (However, nothing is ever fun when you have PMS!) Emma wasn't always playing nicely and it got a little loud at times. Emma's friend Jadyn; however, had a GREAT time, and I'm glad of that. Typically she is very (VERY) shy, and I think this was the first time I have seen her come out of her shell. I don't think I had really ever heard her talk? Anyway, they had fun. Today, was our second time to pull a sheet out of the box. Gage got to draw it out this time and he pulled out "Coloring Night". Well, Gage was not too thrilled about this. (It was Emma's idea for this to be written down). I'm just thrilled that it's cheap! :-) It was amazing at how quickly they got out of bed this morning when I reminded them that it was Friday and that they got to draw an activity out of the Family Fun Box! :-) This seems to be going over very well with Gage and Emma.

My friend Kara has started a blog. You will find her link listed on my blog. Her daughter Jadyn is the friend that Emma had over to play last Friday. Check it out when you get a chance!

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Kara said...

You are putting the pressure on me now! Ha! Thanks for the link :) Save your present for J....we are going to do a party in February after we get back from our trip. Too busy to have the kids party until then! We'll have to coordinate so we don't overlap with Emma's party! She'll be 5 soon! Yeah!

Glad your hives went away. Something must have irritated your skin....any new lotions or something?