Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thank goodness tomorrow is Monday!

Man oh man is Scott ever a GROUCH today! I'm not sure what bit him in the butt, or why, but it has been a very unpleasant day. He did recognize that it was HIM today and not me, however! (There's always a first time for everything!) I will be glad when everyone is in bed and maybe we can start out differently tomorrow.

I have been having issues with my calendar. My last calendar was a Mom's planning calendar that lasted 17 months. This calendar wasn't the typical calendar, because it read the days vertically down the side of the calendar, rather than across the top horizontally (like a normal calendar). Anyway, I really liked the calendar because it gave each person in the family a line so you could write down all of the activities for each person on each day. FINALLY, my calendar ended! I found a new Mom's planning calendar at the mall in one of those shops in the aisle. This one was very similar to my other one, except that it reads normally, across the top. Apparently I got used to the other one that read vertically, and now I'm messed up trying to read a normal calendar. We had cards this weekend with friends that was to be on Saturday night. I hired a babysitter for Friday night. Scott went to get her and as he was coming home he drove by our neighbors' house that was hosting cards this month and there were no lights on. He asked me when he got home where it was, and I said it was at the Munson's. Well, there were no lights, so I checked my email, and it was for Saturday, not Friday. UGH! I decided since the babysitter was from Mandan, that I hated to have to take her all the way back home, so we went to Target, Scheel's and Barnes and Noble. Then, I had to hire another babysitter for Saturday night. I hope I can get this calendar business straightened out because I can't afford too many of those types of mistakes! Then, my other issue with the calendar is this. Why in the heck would they make a 17-month calendar that starts in August, then ends in January? So, I bought this new Mom's calendar, which also started in August, so 5 months of it are already wasted because the previous one ended in January? Such a dumb thing. I guess they can charge more money for it because it has more months, even though you won't be using half of it because they have already passed? Just something to think about.

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