Friday, January 18, 2008

Family Fun Day

Yesterday's play date went very well. Gage had a great time, and as always, was not ready to go home when I came to pick him up. I stayed for a little while after I dropped him off and the mother was very nice. She works with a good friend of ours. Emma also had a play date with Silas. She too did not want to leave.

Last night I went and played Co-ed volleyball on a city league. One of my friends asked if I would like to play Thursday nights. That was a hard decision because my favorite shows are on Thursday nights, Survivor, Grey's Anatomy and ER. I decided to tape the shows and play. I had a good time. I love playing volleyball. Our team won the first 2 matches, then lost the last one. We should have won it too, but pretty much beat ourselves. I am a little stiff and sore this morning. I think my body doesn't like diving for balls. My brain; however, thinks otherwise. I'm very competitive and will do pretty much whatever it takes to save the ball. I would like to get a team of friends together to play next year. It would be a lot more fun if I was playing with people I knew!

Today is Family Fun Day. It was Emma's turn to pull an activity out of the box. She picked out "Watch a movie at home with popcorn and drinks". They were both excited about this, but then couldn't decide on a movie. Of course Gage wants to watch Star Wars. He bought Return of the Jedi a few nights ago with his own money. I'm not really into Star Wars. Emma wants to watch Barbie stars In The Nutcracker. Not really into that either. I'm going to have to go to the video store and find something we all can enjoy. Although Gage has made it clear he will only REALLY be happy if we watch Star Wars. I'm not sure this "Family Fun Box" is working out to be much fun for me? However, it does get the kids out of bed on Friday mornings!

Have a great weekend!

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