Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cub Scout popcorn fundraiser

Today is a very nice day here in ND! Actually, it's warmer than I like. However, I am not complaining!

Gage is selling popcorn for our annual Cub Scout fundraiser. Off to the right you will see a Boy Scout emblem that you can click on to order popcorn. I believe being able to order through a web-site was new last year. The link will take you directly to Gage's account so that he will get the credit for the sale. Our troop earns 23 or 24% of the online sales, and they earn 27% if you order it directly through us and then we deliver it to you. This site makes it easier for friends and family from afar to order the popcorn to support their scout. (However, my family in Iowa should not use this link because you can just order through us and we'll deliver it when we come home for Christmas!) If you do order it online, it will be shipped to your home from the company. If he sells $1,300 or more worth of popcorn he will be eligible for a college scholarship!! If he sells $2300 or more he can also win a Nintendo DS!! That's what he's shooting for, but that's quite alot of popcorn to sell, and I'm not sure if we can make that goal or not? If you decide to order from the web-site, be sure that it says you are supporting Gage S. It should say that because it's linked directly to his account; however, if for whatever reason it doesn't, Gage's order key is TEZHRUQ. Thanks for your support!


Kara said...

Good luck Gage!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh good luck with all the popcorn!