Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Running late

We were running late for school this morning and I forgot to ask Gage if he made it before the bell rang. (I'm thinking he didn't since his bike was on it's side, lying on top of another bike in the rack at school when I got there this afternoon!) The kids wanted to watch Sally (I'm just going to call the salamander Sally, but also refer to Sally as a "him" because it's faster and easier) eat his breakfast. I tried my best to get them ready for school before their attention was totally on Sally, but I wasn't very successful. I must admit it was quite entertaining watching him eat his breakfast, even though it did make us run a little late. It was pretty cool watching him slurp up the cricket that thought sitting on his head, right between his eyes was a good idea! The kids loved it. We had to feed him another cricket after school so the neighbors could watch it as well. (He's on his way to obesity, I can see it now!)

Yesterday I took the kids to get their hair cut after school. They have school pictures coming up the first week in October, so I figured I best get their hair cut into a more "manageable" length. Gage enjoyed sitting there talking and talking and talking to the gal that was cutting his hair. It was pretty funny. When Emma got up there, the lady asked me what I wanted to do with it. I told her I wanted to get rid of alot of the breakage to see if it would thicken it up a little. She flipped up a piece of hair and asked if that was about right. It looked like it, so I said "yeah, sure!" I about crapped when I saw the first lock of hair fall! I think it was close to about 4 inches! I panicked through the entire haircut, wondering if it was going to be too short, and then thought Emma was going to be totally upset when she saw how short it was. Thankfully she was okay with it, and after my initial shock, I think it's cuter than all get-out (I have no idea if that is how you spell that phrase, but I can hear my Mom saying it word for word.)

Here's the before picture. This was taken on "purple day" the second week of school.

You can't really tell by this picture how much shorter it is, but prior to the haircut her hair was too long to wear in piggy tails. I took this picture of Emma this morning before school with her "show-and-share" that she took to school today. (I try to take pictures each time they take something for show-and-tell for their scrapbooks). Her piggy tails are pretty darned cute!

Here's the "after" shot that I took tonight before bedtime. As you can see, she took quite a bit off but it is SO MUCH EASIER to comb in the morning!! I actually won't have to always have it up because it looks cute down. Her hair was too frizzy to leave it down before. We're trying to grow her bangs out and they are at an annoying length right now. It's hard to keep them up in braids or barettes, and they are too long to leave down as they hang right over her eyes. Now I'll have to figure out what hairstyle will look best for her school pictures. :-)


Kara said...

Emma's hair looks GREAT! If you need any crickets, let us know....we have a bunch always in our garage! Also it would be a good way for the kids to stay busy!

Emily Jennings said...

I was going to say the same thing as I will. Emma's hair looks GREAT! She looks older. Very nice!

Kysa said...

Nice hair cut Emma... You are growing up soo fasst!!!
I see critets and think 10 cents...10 cents....10 cents...haha!!!