Friday, September 12, 2008

I heard it through the grapevine!

My sister Kysa told me that my Mom and Dad bought a Wii. Yes, you read that right, they bought a Wii! Apparently my Dad is ticked because my Mom beat him in 2 games of bowling! (Okay, you can see I come by this naturally!) I can't wait to see this! I hope they start out easy and work their way up to tennis! It can be pretty strenuous. Scott hurt himself the other night when he was trying to serve me a burner! :-) I'd hate to be the cause of some serious health problems because they are playing tennis! And now that I am on the subject, Scott keeps asking me when I'm going to blog about him beating me in tennis. So, I am blogging about it. Scott has been a little more of a challenge for me to beat, which definitely makes it more fun. However, there's been a couple of times that he was completely ticked off and threw the remote onto the couch. It hit hard enough that it bounced and nearly tumbled to the floor, but he lunged to grab it before it did. He was sure lucky on that one! This opens up a whole new subject for me. Sportsmanship. I hate losing, but I'm never a poor sport about least not now that I'm an adult. I remember getting made fun of when I would lose in a hand of cards growing up, but that was because I was so serious about winning. I never threw a fit that I remember. (Did I Mom and Dad?) Scott on the other hand has problems when it comes to losing. During our church volleyball league he got mad enough a couple of times last year that he threw sand. This summer when Gage was playing baseball, he started emulating this behavior. This really bothered me, and it also bothered Scott. I have to remind Scott of where he learned this! He's trying to stop behaving like this when he loses (this is Scott I am talking about, not Gage) but it seems to be a hard habit to break. Last night I got mad at him because he threw a fit when he lost because his guy wasn't hitting the ball (yeah, it was totally the guy's fault, not Scott's!). He stomped off to bed. Later when I came to bed, he apologized and said at least he doesn't do it in front of Gage. He obviously has, or Gage wouldn't know to act this way. I am always reminding him at volleyball that Gage and Emma are watching. I sure hope we can get in control of this situation before the kids get any older. We're definitely going to have to take our remotes to Iowa the next time we go, so 4 people can play! Doubles tennis sounds like a lot of fun! I'm not sure Mom and Dad's living room is big enough for that though? There are many times that I accidentally whack Scott when just the two of us are playing! Ooops!

It was a beautiful day here today. It was actually kind of hot to me, but that's because I was dressed for cooler weather. I went down to the Street Fair this morning to check it out. I stopped by Kara's booth to see how things were going. She said things were going well, so I hope that continued throughout the day. 10a-8p is a LONG day when you're standing outside in a booth selling your product and trying to be all smiles. There are certainly customers that make smiling really difficult! I found these cute bow and arrows that I had to get for the kids. An older couple makes and sells them. The bow is made out of PVC tubing and string. The arrows are a dowel rod with an arrowhead cut out of foam on the end. You can shoot those arrows quite a ways! The kids were thrilled when they got home from school. Gage hugged me several times and told me thanks! I even got a kiss! He said, "And you didn't even have to do that Mom!" :-) Emma is having a hard time getting her arrow to shoot because she has a hard time releasing them. I'm sure she'll have it figured out before long. We'll be there for a little while tomorrow to help Juanita out at the church's booth. It's supposed to be cooler and possibly rain and be quite windy, so I hope that doesn't happen on our watch!

I hope you all have a great weekend! (Don't hurt yourselves with your new toy Mom and Dad!)

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