Friday, September 19, 2008


Believe it or not, all of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones Lego sets are put together! I started on the big Trade Federation MTT yesterday evening after supper and finished it this afternoon.

Here I am as I get started on the jumbo Lego set yesterday evening. Oh, and yes, in case you're wondering, I had to take apart what Scott had already built so I could be sure it was together correctly! I'm actually glad that I did that because in doing so, I discovered all of those extra Lego pieces that I knew couldn't just be "extras" weren't "extras"! They belonged to a smaller unit that goes inside this big thing. I don't even know what you call it? A space ship on wheels?

Gage was thrilled to death when he got home from school this afternoon and it was all put together! He played with it quite a bit this evening too. This one seems to be much more solid than the others and stays together a little better when being played with. Thank goodness!! I don't ever want to put it together again!

There are over 1300 pieces in this thing!

Here are all of the Star Wars Lego sets I have put together this week! Around 3,000 pieces worth! (That includes the Indiana Jones ones that you don't see in this picture!)
I sure hope Gage doesn't get too many of these things for his birthday! Now our next project is to figure out where to keep these things!
Scott left this morning and was out touring around some photographer/journalist person today. He is staying in Tuttle tonight and I believe the kids that are participating in the youth hunt tomorrow with Scott and their Dads will be staying there as well. They will go out in the morning and Scott says he'll be home sometime in the afternoon. Hopefully none of the kids gets too excited and accidentally shoots their guide/mentor!
Gage has a soccer game tomorrow morning, and other than that, we don't have a whole lot going on this weekend. I'm glad of that too because I am just plain tired today!

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Kara said...

It looks like you are having fun playing! I know Gage must have been thrilled! Good job Stacy! You're a great mom for doing that....I don't think I would have the patience!