Thursday, September 25, 2008

My day

This morning before we left for school, I asked Gage about his day at the library yesterday. He told me yesterday morning on our walk to school that he was going to tell Mrs. Schmidt that she was in big trouble. When I asked him about it, he said she was crying! I got all nervous and said, "What do you mean she was crying?" Gage replies, "I don't know, she was just crying." I said, "Gage, was she crying because she was sad, or crying because she was laughing?" He says, "I don't know?" After I dropped the kids off at school this morning, I went down to the library to work a little at reshelving books. When I went into the library, Mrs. Buechler was there (Mrs. Schmidt is out for meetings until next week) and when she saw me she said, "Boy did you have Mrs. Schmidt in tears yesterday!" It was pretty funny how it all happened. Juanita emailed Mrs. Schmidt the link to my blog and she was reading it at school in the library and she was laughing so hard that she was crying and just as she read, "Boy is Mrs. Schmidt in trouble", Gage comes waltzing into the library to return his books and says, "Mrs. Schmidt, you are in big trouble!" Well, that brought on another fit of laughter and more tears. Gage apparently didn't "get" what all was happening. Today when I was reshelving books Marley happened to be one of the books in the bunch. I think that book is going to be haunting me forever?

Gage had soccer practice tonight and boy was it exciting! Coach Keith decided it would be a great idea to have the kids scrimmage against the parents. It just happened to work out that the only parents there at the time were Moms! (Big shocker there, huh!?) There were several of us, me included, who didn't have on proper shoes for playing soccer; however, Coach Keith made us play anyway. I haven't seen Gage try so hard, or hustle so much, in ANY sport he has EVER played! I guess he just needs the right motivation.................beating his MOM! I think those boys were shocked that we Moms were pretty good and beat them 2 to 1!! One time I kicked the ball and my shoe went flying, so after that I had to concentrate pretty hard to make sure I was gripping my shoe with my toes before I kicked it. There were a couple of other Moms that were pretty aggressive! It was probably a good thing that I didn't have on my tennis shoes because I would have been right in there with them and would have probably broken something. It's a little harder than it looks! I had a really hard time not using my hands or arms to block the ball. Close to the end of the game I was quite a ways out from the goal but since none of my teammates were in the area I decided I would shoot it anyway. The ball soared through the air and I was all excited as it was headed straight for the goal and a couple of the boys attempted to knock it down, but missed, and then it hit the darn goal post and bounced out! UGH! When we got home Gage said, "Geez Mom, how did you make the ball go into the air like that?" LOL! It sure wasn't from a childhood of playing soccer because I've never played soccer before in my life! Not even messing around or in school. It must have been from playing kickball? Or, maybe it was because I was concentrating so hard on keeping my shoe on my foot?? It was fun and it certainly had those boys all fired up and playing hard. And, I got a little exercise in too!

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Kara said...

Way to get those boys working hard!