Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Man, I am so tired today! I went to Biolife this morning and I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not? While I was waiting to go pick the kids up from school, I nearly fell asleep. Thank goodness for the "STRIKE" on Family Feud, or I might have missed getting the kids picked up? It also saved me that Emily called just before I left. (Thanks Emily!)

The kids had a good day at school. Emma reports that she was not bullied today, so that was good. She did talk a little about the little girl who is a "trouble maker". Apparently she got her head caught in a door that she was not supposed to use. Hmmm.............I guess maybe she'll listen next time? Or not?

I spent the afternoon labeling pictures. I am NEVER going to be able to scrapbook all of these pictures I have taken this summer. It will probably take at least 2 albums to get them all included. I put the dates on the back of the pictures that I got in the mail yesterday from and I think I had somewhere around 400 photos to label? I'm sure they like having me as a customer! Maybe since school has started, I can slow down in the picture department? If I don't slow down, I'll never get caught up!

Scott is out of town for the day but will be back later tonight. Last night he asked me to play some Wii tennis with him. I guess he likes getting his butt kicked! HA! He didn't want to quit until he beat me, so we played several games, then after he won we switched to bowling. We are pathetic. I tried taking some video of us playing tennis the last time we played, but I looked so stupid I just deleted it. Plus, I'd hate to cause all of you to pee your pants from laughing so hard, like I nearly do every time Scott and I play. Man, he's funny to watch. Especially when I serve a burner! LOL! I've been pretty religious doing the body test with the Wii Fit each morning. So far I've lost around 5 lbs. Not because of playing the Wii, but because it's just making me more aware of what I'm doing in terms of eating and exercising. Hopefully I can keep it up! If I could get that thing to stop telling me I'm fat, I'd be happy! LOL!


Kara said...

I hope you aren't too tired from your Biolife donation! I'll be there tomorrow....I'm already tired, I don't need that to make me MORE tired! :)

Munchkins and Music said...

Glad to hear emma wasn't bullied. I know how hard it is to be bullied at school.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

I wish I could kick my husband's butt in Wii tennis. I wonder what that feels like :)