Thursday, September 11, 2008

I saved a life!

Well, okay, so maybe it wasn't quite that heroic. This morning as I was walking back by Emma's playground, on my way home from dropping the kids off at school, there was a group of kids standing around this little guy who was laying on the ground, and as I walked by, another little boy punched him in the stomach. It wasn't a really hard punch, but it was a blow to the stomach nonetheless. I looked to see where the teacher was, and she had her back turned, talking to another child. I stopped and said, "Hey, you probably shouldn't be doing that" in a nice, quiet kind of way. He came up to the fence to me and replies, "Well, you're not my boss so you can't tell me what to do!" I shot back off at him, "Uh, if you would like, I can go get that teacher standing right over there!" He said, "Okay" as he watched me walk away. In the meantime, the little guy on the ground took off and started playing again.

It's really hard to believe that it was 7 years ago today that our nation was attacked by terrorists! It doesn't seem that long ago? We lived in Bozeman, MT at the time and I remember just waking up (mountain time zone) and walking out into the living room where Scott had just turned on the television and saw the World Trade Center just before it was hit by the second plane. Gage was just 11 months old and Scott was feeding him oatmeal for breakfast. Where were you and what were you doing when the towers were hit?

Gage had his first spelling test today and he got all of the words right, plus the 3 bonus words! WAY TO GO GAGE! Tomorrow will be the dictation part of the test. I told him I am always so excited on Fridays to see the next weeks' spelling list!!! He looked at me like I was from another planet. :-)

Tomorrow is Bismarck's Downtowner's Street Fair. My friend Kara, of KLG Designs, will have her booth set up for business. I went downtown with her this evening to help her get her booth set up since her husband is out of town. She is very organized and I was amazed how contained she had all of her stuff. She had everything pretty much in 2 rubbermaid containers and her tent bag. I remember when I was doing Urban Harvest and how I tried my hardest to have everything contained so I would only have to make 1, or 2 at the most, trips to my car to haul stuff to my spot. All of you local readers should go down and check her booth out. She's on 5th street in front of Peacock Alley. She has some really awesome jewelry for sale. She's very talented and creative. The street fair runs Friday and Saturday. I'm hoping to be able to help my friend, Juanita, at our church's booth for a couple of hours on Saturday, where they will be selling Fair-trade goods. I'm hoping the kids and I can be more of a help, than a hindrance!


Kysa said...

Stacy....I like the glass stuff and the one that is sold and is long black with earrings....silver and purple strips....but...could the purple become yellow for Lenox Tiger colors??????
Present that one to the Queen of the Jewels....she does a great job!!

Kysa said...

Way to save a life!!!! I just hate bullying!!! It's such a nasty thing for bully kids to be mean!!! (like we were to Steve when he was growing up) I'M SO SORRY STEVE!!! I promise I won't do it anymore.....