Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not up to par today

I had a busy day today. Today was my first day in Gage's school library as a volunteer to help reshelve books. Somehow I got roped into volunteering to work in the school library! (Just kidding Juanita..............I thoroughly enjoyed my time surrounded by books!) I love children's books, as you can tell by my kids' bookshelves, so I was in seventh heaven this morning. I must admit I was a little frightened (okay, ALOT frightened) about the Dewey Decimal System! I never did understand it back in my school days and was never able to figure out how to find a book in the library by using the card catalog and/or the Dewey Decimal System. Initially the librarian put me onto the easy picture books, then I moved to fiction and after I shelved all of those books, I was a little reluctant to start on the nonfiction (which is where the Dewey Decimal System comes into play). Little did I know, it was pretty simple! I spent an hour and a half in the library and also enjoyed listening to one of the first grade class's story time. Unfortunately I wasn't around for Gage's scheduled library time.

From there I headed down to the Girl Scout office to meet Kara, and hopefully find out more information. We did learn a few more things, but it was like pulling teeth. Maybe we'll have it all figured out by the time the school year is over? :-)

After that, I had a couple of errands to run and I wasn't quite sure I was going to make it? After I left from meeting with Kara, I started feeling kind of rotten. I was on the verge of a headache anyway, and I'm guessing the little stress I had at the Girl Scout office increased its intensity? Anyway, I started feeling very clammy, hot and lightheaded and nauseous (not the best feeling when you're driving!). Once I got to my first stop and got out of the car to go into the store, the feeling kind of passed a little, but once I got back in the car, I started feeling weird again. I thought maybe it was because it was kind of hot out, so I turned the air conditioner on high, then proceeded onto my next stop. From there I decided I couldn't do anymore and headed home. I'm not sure what was going on, if I had low blood sugar (which would have been odd because I ate a good breakfast), or if it was just the onset of a migraine? Once I got home and could lay down, I was relieved, but not feeling much better. Scott came home for lunch and fixed us something to eat which didn't necessarily help too much, but I rested on the couch the rest of the afternoon. Thankfully Scott was able to pick the kids up from school for me and also took Emma to gymnastics this evening. I'm feeling much better now, with just the remains of a headache. I think I may have to skip my Biolife appt tomorrow.

A couple of weeks ago I had a message on the answering machine from someone at church asking me if I could help be in charge of the CROP walk that our church will be doing in October. I never did call him back, and then it got to the point of no return, where it had been long enough ago that I felt too terrible about not calling him, to call him back (does that even make any sense?) He asked me about it at church this past weekend and I told him I would think about it if I could get more information on what I would have to do. I made it very clear to him that if it involved getting up in front of the church to make any announcements, that I couldn't do it. I have never gotten over my fear of public speaking. He called today to see if he could bring me the information to look over and assured me that I wouldn't have to give any announcements at church, that the associate pastor would do that for me! WHEW! I have until Friday to look over the materials and decide to do this or not. I am much more comfortable following than I am at leading and just thinking about it all makes my heart race. I guess it's just the fear of the unknown? I'm quite sure I'm going to be unable to tell him "no" come Friday, so if you could all just say a little prayer for me, I would greatly appreciate it! :-) You know, I certainly don't have enough to do with all of the kids' activities, newly registered Cub Scout Popcorn Sales chairperson, candy bar sales chairperson and newly registered Girl Scout leader. Why not add CROP walk organizer? Did I mention I have a headache?


Motherhood for Dummies said...

wow, you weren't lying... you did have a busy day. Im tired from just reading it ;)

Anonymous said...

maybe those are self induced headaches with all that volunteering you are doing....you know there is only one Upstairs....(I hope) not layers or floors......if there is layers or floors to the great lighted place in the sky, you will be so high above me that I hope God has elevators for us to travel back and forth to visit...... :o)
HAHA!!! I wonder if you get to have cell phones? we could call each other.....haha!!!

Kara said...

You are crazy...but in a good way! You may just need to learn how to say "no!" BTW, what is a crop walk? I probably should know but it isn't coming to me right now!