Saturday, September 13, 2008

The leaves are changing

This afternoon the kids and I headed to Papa's Pumpkin Patch for our church's annual hot dog roast and hayride. I hadn't noticed before today, but our leaves are changing color. Fall is definitely on its way. It felt like it today too! Gage had a soccer game this morning and it was a little chilly for that, but not too awfully bad. We stopped on our way home at the church to help Juanita at the church's booth for the Street Fair, but there were plenty of ladies there to help (the one she was counting on to not show up, didn't as suspected) so the kids and I went on home after stopping at the grocery store.

It was kind of funny at the store. We were just picking up a few items and when we got near the checkout Gage and Emma were eyeing the junk food. Gage says, "Mom, can we get a box of Twinkies?" I reply, "Sure Gage!" He says, "What? We can get some?" I tell him, "Yes, Gage, you can get some." To which he replies, "Really? You really mean it?" LOL! YES! He was thrilled. He says, "Mom, when I ask Dad he always tells me no!" I told him I thought since they were being so good, they deserved a treat. Emma picked out some candy and they split that in half and then they completely forgot about the Twinkies. Neither one of them has even had one!? I think this may be the first or second time I've ever even bought Twinkies? I wish I hadn't brought this up, because now I'm thinking about wanting to eat one. (That's why I don't buy that stuff, because the kids forget about it and I'm the one who eats them all!)

Emma and I made a grape salad for the potluck at the pumpkin patch. It was completely devoured, which always happen when I take that dish! It's really very yummy and very easy! I actually forgot to take the camera with me to the pumpkin patch so I was sad about that, however, I'll never regret it when I get to this point in scrapbooking, because it will be a miracle if I make it through our summer pictures! The kids had a great time. The hayride was fun as well. Because it was so windy and cold, the driver of the wagon being pulled by 2 clydesdale horses took a different route and it was a nice long ride. It continued to get colder and colder and was drizzling some rain, so after picking out their pumpkins, we left.

Scott did show up at the pumpkin patch in time to ride the hayride. He spent his day out showing a grandpa and his grandchildren and daughters-in-law how to band ducks. I guess this man is from Omaha and was the founder of Ameritrade. They flew into Bismarck on his personal jet. I guess they had a pretty good time except for one of the little girls got stuck in the mud and her feet came out of her boots. Scott had to go in to get her and had the same thing happen to him. His socks were pretty much black with mud when he got home. I'm sure glad he didn't have on his new Keens!

I learned today that my sister, Kim, and her husband J.L., own a Wii! Ryan, their son/my nephew, does too! I also learned that with the Wii, it is possible to play each other if you have wireless internet access! This could be dangerous if I get this figured out! I might have to play them in some tennis or bowling! They also told me that you can go shopping on the Wii and buy games for it through the television! My goodness! What can't this machine do? I told them we were all going to have to take our Wii remotes to Iowa for Christmas and have a big bowling tournament! :-) Wouldn't that be fun? Get to practicing guys! :-)

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