Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Believe it or not, we have all of those Star Wars/Indiana Jones Lego sets put together! I told Gage I swear there has to be another set of directions somewhere because we have way too many pieces leftover to just be "extras"! I take that back...................we have yet to complete the great big 1300 piece Lego set (Trade Federation MTT) that is pretty much still in the box. Scott and Gage started on it and that's all that's been done to it. I was happy to get all of those boxes and instructions back down to Gage's closet! We'll see what happens with the big set that's left.

I was feeling better today for the most part. I still have a headache, which has lingered all day. It's one of my typical monthly migraines, I think.

I didn't do a whole lot today, other than go to Biolife and get groceries, which desperately needed to happen. Scott went hunting for grouse this morning with a couple of co-workers. It sure was nice not to have to listen to Brie ring the door bell all day long! She is wiped out from a hard days work, but boy does she have terrible gas!? I don't know what she may have eaten, but I think it was rotten!! They all got their limit of 3 grouse apiece. Scott cleaned them and we had grouse fajitas for supper and they were really pretty darned good! The kids really liked them too!

School is going great. Gage has his next spelling test tomorrow. His challenge "bonus" words this week are spice, erase and confuse. I'm going into the library at Gage's school again tomorrow to reshelve books.

I need to get started on thinking about Gage's birthday since it's just around the corner. We haven't done a thing to plan yet, but I've been trying to talk him into a Pirate party versus another Star Wars one. I have a cute pirate ship cake I can make (I think!). I haven't even bought him any presents yet! I've been too busy volunteering! :-)

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