Thursday, September 4, 2008


It was raining this morning on our walk to school. Emma has a raincoat, but Gage does not. I told him on Tuesday, when it was raining on our walk to school, that I would get him one. I thought I was pretty safe in not getting it for a few days, because it doesn't rain that often in ND! I was wrong. I felt horrible this morning. He does have a windbreaker-type jacket, but I don't think it's waterproof and it doesn't have a hood. I tried gearing him up this morning for rain and asked him if I could cut a hole in a garbage bag and he could wear that to school. He looked at me like I was talking greek and said, "A garbage bag?" After I explained what I was talking about, he assured me he would be fine. We weren't too awfully wet when we got to school, but I made it a point to make sure Gage saw that I TOO was getting wet! I didn't get anywhere today to get him a raincoat, so I'm quite sure it will rain again tomorrow morning!

I love dreary, rainy days. After I got home from dropping the kids off, I was checking on the blogs I read daily for any updates and one of the gals is a scrapbooker and had a picture of a layout that she did. She inspired me to get upstairs and start working on my stuff. Well, okay, I can't yet work on my stuff because it is still too disorganized! I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon trying like crazy to get all of my pictures organized so I can actually start scrapbooking! I made a pretty big dent in the pictures, but I still have from March of this year to present to get sorted. The stack of pictures I have sitting on my table is over a foot tall! Scott told me he would get me some sort of back up system set up for my pictures because I'm paranoid I'll lose all of my pictures on the computer, so I end up printing nearly every picture I take. The digital camera is supposed to prevent that. Hopefully whatever he has in mind will work so that I can just print off what I want to scrapbook. I'm slowly, but surely getting to the point where I can start working on my albums.

Gage had soccer practice tonight. It was a chilly one. He will play in his first soccer match on Saturday morning. Scott and I are listed to be parent monitors. Neither one of us knew what that meant, so we asked the coach and he said we would just stand along the edge of the field and help the kids and be a line judge. Neither one of us has a clue about soccer and the rules. It ought to be quite entertaining having us out there, supposedly "helping".

I'm getting pretty tired of all the political stuff on television. We did watch Sarah Palin's speech last night. I'd never seen her before so it was interesting listening to her. I thought it was funny when she commented on all of the "Hockey Mom" posters in the audience and said, "Do you know the difference between a hockey Mom and a pit bull? Lipstick!" That was pretty good. It will be very interesting to see who finally wins the election in November, and it will be a relief to get all of this campaigning over with!

Not much else to report here. Emma reported that the little "trouble maker" wasn't at school today and she wasn't bothered by the bully. Maybe everyone is getting used to the school routine and are settling into their new environment? That would be nice if that's the case.


Jari said...

hey sis
You know my boy was the "little trouble maker" in school. You know she might not be able to help it, and maybe her mother is like me and doesn't know what to do. Please teach your kids to be patient with her and not make fun of her. I know it isn't fair to the kids who are trying to learn but there is a chance that it isn't fair for that child either. I don't mean to be a butt, but I have been there. Love ya JJ

Kysa said...

I don't remember Jari's kids being the trouble maker?????

Kysa said...

I don't remember Jari's kids being the trouble maker?????