Monday, September 15, 2008

One year

I have been planning to do some big yee haw-type post when my 1-year anniversary of blogging comes around. For the past few days I've been thinking I need to go back to check to see when my first post was, but have forgotten to do it. I assumed it would be coming up soon! I was surprised when I looked today and my 1 year blogging anniversary was actually August 18! I am much more successful as a blogger than a journal-keeper!

Tonight Gage had his first Pack meeting for the new fall scouting season. He received several awards tonight for all of the hard work he's done this summer. He got an Outdoor Activity Award patch, a baseball belt loop (a metal thing that slides onto your belt, resembling a belt loop) and pin, a swimming belt loop and pin and a soccer belt loop and pin. The other boys in our den received some awards too.
Our den standing up front to be recognized for the awards they have earned.

Gage receiving his awards from the Cubmaster.

These are the awards that Gage received tonight. The Cubmaster asked Gage to go over to his mother, the den leader, and raise her hand. (I immediately got red in the face and was embarrassed. Scott is the den leader, not me!) However, I have been the one reading through the materials figuring out what awards Gage and his fellow den-mates can get. I had mentioned to the Cubmaster in an email that I was a bit of an over-achiever as I'm sure he had already figured out, because I had sent him quite a few emails this summer to make sure they knew who has earned what in our den and asking different questions. He told the group he would like to see more over-achievers. Uh, yeah......................I really don't think you want a whole group of anal retentive parents like me!!!! LOL!

Scott (and I) are in charge of the popcorn fundraiser this year, as well as the candy bar fundraiser that takes place in Feb. Popcorn sales start SOON, so get ready! :-) The top prize this year for the popcorn fundraiser is a Nintendo DS lite! Gage really wants it! I told him that if he was going to earn that, he was going to have to really work hard! (It only requires $2300 worth of sales!!!! YIKES!!!) I suppose if he gets any of my anal-retentive/over-achiever-type traits, it is possible! However, I seriously doubt it!

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Emily Jennings said...

WOW! I can't believe its been that long either! Kind of like being pregnant! HA!