Friday, November 16, 2007

Another job

Well, I have another job! I know what you're all thinking. Well, I think I can handle this one. The school that I took my At-Home Medical Transcription course called me up and they want me to be a graduate referral. I would take calls from prospective students, current students, or graduates and just answer any questions they might have about how I went about getting my job, and anything about the course, etc. I will get $10/call, no matter how long it is. I will give them the times during the day that I am available to take calls. Now, I'm just going to have to start racing my kids to the phone!

I have a scrapbooking workshop tonight. My friend Emily and I are going to go, right after I take her out to eat supper at China Garden! :-) I told her she could pick wherever she wanted to go. I'm glad she picked China Garden because it's my favorite! It's her last year in the 20's so I figure we should celebrate while she's still "young". Happy Birthday Emily!

I'm anxious to hear how Gage did on his spelling test yesterday. We have had many arguments while studying for it. He wanted to study, but when I would tell him he got something wrong he would get very mad and very rude. He pointed out to me yesterday on the way home from school that "while" was not one of his spelling words and that it was "white". Ooops. I apparently made an error when I wrote the list down on a sheet of paper and sent the original sheet back to school. I asked him if he got it right. He thought so, but he wasn't sure. This is going to be a weekly ordeal. Each Friday he will bring home a list of spelling words for a spelling test on Thursday and then there will also be a dictation test on each Friday that consists of 2 sentences that are on the spelling word list. We are going to have to implement some kind of reward system, i.e. each time he does homework without griping, he gets a star and then after so many stars, he can pick out a surprise of some sort? I'm tired of fighting him on the homework thing! It would be different if it was hard and he wasn't so smart! Maybe that's why he doesn't like doing it, because it's so easy? Who knows? If anyone else has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them!

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