Sunday, November 4, 2007


Gage's hockey season is in full swing. This past summer, I signed him up for the summer hockey program, thinking it would be great exercise AND he really likes hockey. Well, I had no idea that it would cause burnout. At the end of the few week long program, Gage was done. He had had enough. He wasn't trying and it was totally obvious. When I asked him what was up, he told me he didn't want to play hockey anymore. I was a little surprised. However, soon after this, it was time to sign up for the fall/winter hockey program. I asked Gage if he wanted to play. He wasn't sure. I gave him a few weeks to think about it, as I had that amount of time before I had to pay the fee (which was over $200!). Gage decided that yes, he did want to play afterall. I confirmed this with him a few different times to make sure he wanted to play. He said he did. I signed him up and the season started a couple of weeks ago. We have had a fight EVERY TIME he has practice. I keep reminding him that I gave him the choice as to whether he wanted to play or not, and he chose to play. "But Mom, that was a long time ago!" UGH! I told him that we had to pay over $200 for him to play, and we couldn't get our money back. Well, he had practice today and once again, I had to fight him to go. I don't want to force him to play, but I also want him to know that if you commit to something, you need to follow through with it. We went, he had an attitude. After practice when we were in the locker room degearing, I asked him how it was. "It was good Mom!" Did you have fun Gage? "Yes, I liked it!" UGH! What's up with that? I can guarantee that Tuesday, when it's time for his next practice, he's going to throw another big fit!? Does anyone have any tips on how I should handle this situation?

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taygold said...

Well maybe he is like Katie. She goes out for stuff but just likes to complain to here her own voice because she likes it and doesnt' want to quit she just has to b----!
or she will explode.LOL