Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can't wait!

Man, I can't wait to get the paper tomorrow!! I was so disappointed today when I got the paper and saw there was only one ad for K-Mart. I called Emily to see what the deal was, and she did the same thing. Well, the ads come out in TOMORROWS paper! DUH! Anyway, my good friend Aneetha sent me the link to check out all of the sales online. Thanks Aneetha! That was fun browsing through them all but I still like looking at the paper ads in hand. It's easier to flip through the paper than to click on each item and wait for it to load on the computer. I guess I'm "Behind the Times" when it comes to that! :-)

I am in the process of making pumpkin pies for tomorrow. I'm taking a few side dishes to Emily's for our Thanksgiving meal. I'm taking Apple-Rice Medley (YUM YUM!), my Mom's traditional apple/grape salad, 2 pumpkin pies and some dinner rolls. I couldn't find any already made dinner rolls in the bread section at the grocery store? Do they not carry them around here? We always have them in Iowa. Hmmm. Anyway, I found some frozen ones that I will bake instead. Hopefully they will be tasty. Emily is making several dishes and another friend of Emily's is bringing the turkey! It will be a great time with delicious food! We are certainly thankful for our wonderful friends!

Emma and I searched through the bookshelves tonight for all of our Thanksgiving books. We found 4 and read them all at bedtime. They have been watching our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving DVD. Gage turned it on this morning before school. He was all excited for school today because they were to bring something to snuggle with while they watched a movie. Well, it just happened to be A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving that they watched! He didn't mind though. He brought home a couple of cute Thanksgiving projects he made at school, along with next weeks' spelling list! UGH! I think it's going to go better this time because Scott promised him $1 every time he does well on the test. I included that he only gets the dollar if he willingly studies and doesn't throw any fits! We'll see if it works. I just pre-tested him at supper tonight and had a little spelling bee. He knew most of them anyway, so hopefully it won't be too difficult to get him to practice them. We have plenty of time to study with the holiday weekend upon us.

I hope you all have a safe trip if you plan to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday! It sounds like they are getting alot of snow at home in Iowa, so it's probably a good thing we aren't traveling there, although I do wish we could see everyone. We'll see everyone at Christmas, which is sneaking up on me just a little too fast this year! Maybe I can get alot of my shopping done on Friday, that is if I don't get cart rage and get kicked out of the store!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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