Monday, November 5, 2007

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Today we had Gage's Parent-Teacher Conferences at his school at 3:30. We really like his teacher, and so does Gage. She really likes Gage, so that is great too. He is doing awesome. He will soon be put into an accelerated reading program, and will be the only one in his class. She said there will probably be 2 others joining him in the future. The only concerns we had were about his penmanship and that he is consistently writing a few of his numbers backwards. She thinks he's just in a hurry and gets sloppy with his letters. (He gets sloppy handwriting from his Dad, not me!) She is going to give us a few copies from a book that contains little rhymes about how you write your numbers and letters. Hopefully that will help. She said that she will start getting a little more strict about those kinds of things, so hopefully we can get it taken care of. He will now start having spelling tests. He tells me he hates spelling. He does not get that from me. Spelling was probably one of my favorite subjects (and, if there are any misspellings in my blog, just ignore them, it's getting late and I am tired!) Scott told Gage that since he did so well, we would like to celebrate and he could pick where he would like to go out to eat for supper. He picked China Garden (he does get that from me!). I like ordering too much so I have leftovers for lunch the following day. :-)
After supper Gage and Scott had a Cub Scout den meeting. It was at one of the other scouts' house. Only 2 showed up out of the 4, so it was a fairly quiet meeting.
Emma starts Preschool hockey tomorrow. It goes from 11:45a-12:30p. She is very excited. We had to try her gear on her today to make sure she hasn't outgrown anything. Everything looked good, so hopefully we'll get by cheap with her?
I have 774 lines to type in the next 2 days. Not sure how I'm going to fit that into the schedule, but I will have to get it done some how, some way. Keep your fingers crossed for me. If I can get good dictators, that will be helpful. (Ones that speak English!)
Scott is going out to hunt in the morning but has to be back to work for a meeting by 1:30.
Oh, and before I forget to mention it, we had some SNOW this morning! The kids were very excited. It started snowing a little before we left for school. Emma was trying her hardest to catch some of those wild and crazy blowing flakes on her tongue on her way into school. Scott picked her up from school and said she was quite upset to get outside to see the ground was not even white and it had quit snowing! It won't be long and they'll be sick of it! North Dakota definitely has 4 seasons, but winter is the longest. You can tell it's getting cold because at Gage's school they already have 2 banquet tables out in the hallway full of lost mittens, hats, sweatshirts, etc. I should have gone and picked out a few extra mittens, as I'm sure Gage's will be lost soon.

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