Monday, November 26, 2007


It appears that we are going to be getting some COLD weather this week. They're calling for 17 degrees to be the high on Wednesday! Brrr! The cold weather does make it feel more like Christmas is coming, however. Although, it's very evident it's coming when you drive around town after dark. Everyone is getting, or already has up, their Christmas lights outside. We have not done that yet, and I don't even feel that I have the energy or desire to do it. I thought a good excuse would be to tell others that we are going "Green" this Christmas, and going to save energy and do our part to decrease global warming. (I doubt Gage and Emma will appreciate that). Saturday when I came home from helping a friend at the Civic Center, Gage and Emma were quick to tell me the neighbors had Mickey and Minnie put up. And, they quickly noticed the wind knocked Mickey down the other day. My other excuse is that we don't even see our lights when they are up outside because we are in the house, so it's way better to have the neighbors' Christmas lights to admire. Hopefully just having a tree in the house with lights will satisfy them. We'll have to get one soon.

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